Smartcard charges from Sunday 2 April

27 Mar 2018


Stagecoach Smart cards were introduced to help deliver greater convenience for customers and deliver an environmental benefit by reducing the need for paper tickets. The card is re-usable and customers have always been encouraged to keep it, load new products on to it and register it online for added protection in case it is lost or stolen.

However, research has shown that many of our customers were choosing to get a new smart card each time they purchased a ticket on our buses. This had an environmental impact as well as pushing up operating costs and making it harder for us to keep fares low for all passengers.

Last year, we therefore introduced a charge for customers requiring a new StagecoachSmart card from the bus driver. From Sunday 2 April this charge will be £1

Those who already have a StagecoachSmart card are reminded that they can continue to avoid any additional card costs simply by re-using the one they have.