Supertram and Stagecoach green week

01 Jun 2016

At Supertram we understand the importance of giving something back to the local community and this week, as a part of Stagecoach Green Week, we are doing just that.


Throughout the year we work closely with schools across the network informing the children on the safety of the tram using interactive presentations with our very own Superhero, Supertram Man.


For Green Week this year we delivered planters to  Brook House School  and  Birley Community Primary  who regularly use the tram on their school trips. We worked with the children by filling the planters with fresh soil, showing pupils how to break up the soil ready for planting with some even calculating how much soil each planter held.


Year 5 and the Eco Warriors then did a great job tearing the roots and burrowing little holes before planting their individual plants into the soil. Once the soil was patted down the pupils used their watering cans to finish the job.


We believe it is important to work with the younger generations throughout the community to raise the profile of environmental issues surrounding them. Worthwhile sustainable projects like this contribute to saving the planet but also increase awareness of environmental topics amongst our local schoolchildren.


Stagecoach Supertram green week at Brookhouse school and Birley community primary school