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Competition win the right medicine for Sheffield mum Sara

17 May 2016

Competition win the right medicine for Sheffield mum Sara


A mum of two from Sheffield who uses Stagecoach buses and trams to travel to and from medical appointments has been boosted after winning four week’s free travel in a competition.


Sara Wellum, who lives off City Road, in Sheffield city centre, has been announced as the winner of the Stagecoach Cares competition – part of a campaign highlighting how the transport operator cares in different ways such as value for money, customer satisfaction and reliability.


Sara, who is also nan nan to Scarlett, uses Stagecoach buses up to five times a week to get to hospital, doctor and physio appointments. As part of the competition, Sara submitted her real life customer story about how she uses Stagecoach buses to get to and look after the things she cares about.


She explains: “I usually use Stagecoach four to five times a week, but lately it has been more often as I am off work sick and have had a lot of medical appointments.


“I mainly use the 120 route; we have a great service and one that takes me from home to the hospital. I tend to use the bus but usually use the tram a couple of times a week as well.


“I also travel by bus to visit my parents who are both ill, to visit family, and I usually use the bus for work as well.


“I saw the competition and I just wanted to say what value for money the weekly savers were. It feels great to win as for four weeks I’m going to be saving over £50.”


Sara has been awarded four weeks’ free travel for her competition entry which was: "I think it's great that you can keep your prices down. I can now purchase a ticket on the 120 route and know I can use it to visit my mum on the 52 route instead of worrying about buying another ticket. £12.50 a week is a great price, I visit more often this way so thank you for keeping your prices down and thinking of the customers."