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Fleet elite

18 Apr 2017

Stagecoach Yorkshire bus employees are leading the way in a global performance scheme which measures safe and fuel-efficient driving.


A total of 207 Stagecoach Yorkshire drivers have been awarded Fleet Elite status under the programme managed by GreenRoad, whose telematics system serves professional drivers in the UK, Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, America, Australia and New Zealand.


Over 100 of Stagecoach Yorkshire’s Fleet Elite drivers have achieved the Gold badge for consistently maintaining the safe and fuel-efficient driving standard for three consecutive years.


Using a traffic-light LED system on the dashboard, GreenRoad gives drivers instant feedback on their driving manoeuvres, encouraging smoother, safer, and more fuel-efficient driving.


Around 22% of Stagecoach Yorkshire’s 923-strong driving team have achieved the prestigious status. More Stagecoach employees gained Fleet Elite status than any other bus operator – or other company on the scheme – in the UK and worldwide.


Fleet Elite standard drivers must clock up more than 500 driving hours in a year and achieve an average of five or less events, such as harsh braking or acceleration, per 10 hours of driving over the calendar year. In fact, 127 Stagecoach drivers scored zero – a perfect score – during the period.


The GreenRoad system is installed on all Stagecoach vehicles at the Group's bus companies. It uses a dashboard traffic lights-style system to provide instant feedback to drivers to encourage smoother and safer driving.


All employees who meet the Fleet Elite standard receive a special badge in recognition of their outstanding achievement.


Stagecoach Yorkshire managing director, Matt Davies, said: “We are delighted that so many of our drivers have achieved Fleet Elite status. This reflects the thorough training our drivers receive, as well as the commitment and professionalism our people display on a daily basis.


“Smoother, fuel-efficient driving is safer and provides more comfortable journeys for our customers as well as helping to cut our carbon footprint.”