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Get Your Child Bus Ready

24 Aug 2018

The first time your child gets the bus on their own is a big day for both of you! They might be excited about the new adventure, but they could also be just as anxious as you! Worry not! We make bus travel simple for children and parents alike!

Get ahead before September starts with these top tips on getting your child (and you!) ready for their next adventure…

Find out about which cheap bus and tram tickets you can get for your child!


1.Get practising.

Getting the bus alone for the first time can be pretty nerve-wracking. Get a head start and practice the bus or tram journey before school starts. It’s complex, the whole bus journey thing!
You have to:
- Get to the bus stop with time to spare
- Flag down the bus
- Ask for a ticket or rummage to find it
- Show or scan the ticket or card
- Find a seat
- Know where to get off and pressing the button in time
- Walk from the bus stop to school

This is a lot to take in for an adult, let alone a child trying something new! Don’t worry though, because this journey will soon become second nature. Taking a few trips with your child and building familiarity is a win/win for parent and child.

Our handy online journey planner    makes planning your bus trip simple!

People on bus


2. Don’t catch the last bus!

Everyone wants a bit longer in bed in the morning. That extra 10 minutes means getting a later bus. This bus is much more likely to be overcrowded! Beat the rush and give your child a better chance of getting a seat.


3.Get your travel card early.

Have you got your child’s MegaTravel card yet? 

In South Yorkshire, all children over 11 need a MegaTravel card to be eligible for an 80p single fare. These cards are free and you can get them from With this card, your child can take advantage of the discounted fare – because those school costs, they do add up, don’t they?

Smiling teenage girl on the bus


4.Make sure you get the best value ticket.

Stagecoach has lots of different travel options so be sure to check you are getting the best value ticket for your child.

And what are your options, you ask?

At Stagecoach, we have options that suit a range of needs.

- 80p single fare: Just scan your MegaTravel pass when you get on the bus

- £7.50 Child megarider ticket: Help your child feel like a true explorer with travel across the whole of South Yorkshire on the buses and trams

- You can buy 28 day or monthly tickets online

You can save time and money by buying your child’s bus ticket online. You can even set it as a direct debit so you only have to buy the ticket once and it takes care of itself. 

If your child loses their ticket (or maybe, when your child loses their ticket) we can replace it for you. Find out more about our recurring megarider Xtra tickets on our website.


5.Be smart – get a smart card.

Our kids go to school to increase their smarts… But as parents, we can help them along the way with a reusable StagecoachSmart Card.

Just pay £1 for your very first smart card on a bus (or for free when you buy a ticket online!) and you can continue to top up and reuse it. No more lost paper tickets or bits of paper crumpled and soggy from the washing machine. (We’ve all been there.)

6. Take the fuss out of bus travel.

If your child has a smartphone, make sure they have the Stagecoach Bus App. They can use this to find out what time their bus is and how often it comes, buy day or week tickets and track their bus in real-time! 

Make sure you have the app too, so you can get peace of mind with live times!

We wish you pleasant and safe travel with us and look forward to welcoming you on board.

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