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Carlisle Service Changes

Carlisle Network Change 20th June 2022

From Monday 20th June we are making some changes to services in Carlisle

A summary of the changes is shown below. For full details, a new route map can be found by clicking on the button below, and new/updated timetables are available by clicking on the service numbers.


Click below to view the new map.

Carlisle Network Map 



Service 67

No change to route but the frequency will reduce from every 10 minutes to every 12 minutes during the day.


Service 61/61A

There will be no change to the route in Harraby, buses will run every 10 minutes to the city centre during the day.

At Morton Park buses will now use Levens Drive instead of Newlaithe's Avenue buses will run every 10 minutes to town during the day.

Morton West will no longer be served by service 61/61A. New service 63 will use Crosshill Drive and Queensway. Customers on Orton Road can walk to either Queensway or Crosshill Drive to catch the bus.


Service 76

Customers at Botcherby and Durranhill will continue to have a daytime service every 20 minutes into the city on the same route as now, this will now be called service 63 and will run through to Morton West and Sandsfield Park rather than St Anns Hill.

At St Anns Hill, buses will now be provided by service 62 this will run via Dene Crescent, Bracken Ridge, Belah Road and Caird Avenue in both directions going to and from Lowry Hill. The only stop on Briar Bank will be at Mountain View.


Service 60

Buses to Garlands and Carleton Clinic will now be provided by service 104 which will run every half hour during the daytime. The terminus of service 104 will be at Carlisle Bus Station.

Buses to Sandsfield Park, Raffles and the Cumberland Infirmary will now be provided by service 63 which will run every 20 minutes. This service will not run along Orton Road but will use Crosshill Drive and Queensway to get from Raffles to Sandsfield Park. These buses will continue from the city to Botcherby and Durranhill.


Service 62

Kingmoor Park and ASDA will continue to have buses at peak times provided by service 62. During the middle part of the day service 79 will provided a fast link from town to ASDA and Crindledyke Road End every 30 minutes.

Lowry Hill will have a bus every 20 minutes during the day. Buses will now run the opposite way around the estate running in by Moorville Drive and out via Lowry Hill Road, this will mean waiting for the bus on the opposite side of the road. St Peters Drive will no longer be served, customers should walk to Moorville Drive or Lowry Hill Road to catch the bus.

Buses in Morton Park will no longer serve, Bannisdale Way, Ashness Drive, Lyndhurst Gardens, Westrigg Road or the majority of Levens Drive. Customers on Levens Drive can catch service 61 which will be re-routed this way. Customers from Bannisdale Way, Ashness Drive, Lyndhurst Gardens and Westrigg Road can to walk to stops on Levens Drive or Westrigg Road to catch service 61.  

There will be a new stop at the top of Levens Drive and on Woodend Drive which will have a bus every 20 minutes during the day.

In Denton Holme buses will run every 20 minutes during the daytime. Denton Street and Norfolk Street will see no change to the route but buses will then run via St James Road, Nelson Street and Dalston Road then Dunmail Drive, Langrigg Road, Levens Drive, Woodend Road, back on to Dalston Road then along Prescott Road and Ferguson Road. Customers on Waldegrave Road will need to walk through to Prescott Road to get on or off the bus.


Service 79 and 179

Buses to Houghton will continue to be numbered 179 at peak times. During the day the service to Houghton will now be provided by new service 64, running every hour this service will continue to Houghton Hall Garden Centre and ASDA rather than Longtown and Gretna and Annan.

Along Scotland Road and Kingstown Road during the middle part of the day buses will run every 30 minutes giving a fast service to ASDA. The service will change route slightly from here running past Crindledyke Road End and through Low Harker rather than using the M6 roundabout. There will be peak time buses around Kingmoor Park and ASDA on service 62.

Longtown, Gretna, Annan and Dumfries will see some minor changes to times, see the new timetable for full details. It will no longer be possible to travel direct from Longtown to Houghton except at peak times.

To improve punctuality and allow a little more time to complete the route, we will no longer be serving The Courts at Carlisle, customers should catch the bus at the Bus Station or on West Tower Street.


Service 104

Buses during the day will now run via Garlands, Carleton Clinic and Cumwhinton on their way to and from Penrith. Some services at peak times, in the evenings and on Sundays will continue to run fast via the A6.


Services 300 and 600

There will be no changes to the routes but times may change slightly, see the new timetables for full details.


Service 400

Buses to and from Durdar, Blackwell, and Lediard Avenue will no longer run.

Services will start at the bus station and run through to Silloth. Times on the Carlisle to Silloth section will change slightly, see the new timetable for full details.


Services 69, 73, 554 and 685

No changes will be made to these services.


Service 93/93A

Unfortunately, this service will no longer run.