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It's no longer a legal requirement to wear a face covering on public transport in England, Scotland or Wales. We do encourage you to wear a face covering in crowded spaces, if you can

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New Fares
From 1 March

Our fares are changing


Changes to fares from 1 March 2022 in Cumbria and North Lancashire

We know that no-one likes it when prices go up and that's why we've worked hard to keep the increases as low as possible. This is the first time our fares have changed in over three years and since this time the cost of running buses has risen significantly, even with government funding to keep services running through the pandemic. 

Single and return fares

Our single and return fares are increasing from 1 March, use our handy fare finder tool to discover what that means for your usual ticket purchase – just remember to search for your ticket by selecting the date on or after 1 March. 

Barrow tickets
Barrow Child DayRider £2.70
Barrow Under 19 DayRider Plus £5.20
Barrow DayRider £3.60
Barrow Plus DayRider £7.70
Barrow 28 Day MegaRider £44.00
Barrow Plus 7 Day MegaRider  £24.00
Barrow 7 Day MegaRider £11.60
Ulverston Day Rider £3.30
Ulverston 7 Day MegaRider £10.70



Carlisle tickets

Carlisle Child DayRider £2.70
Carlisle Plus Under 19 Dayrider £5.00
Carlisle Dayrider £3.70
Carlisle Plus Dayrider £7.80
Carlisle Family Dayrider £9.00
Carlisle Plus Family Dayrider £18.00
Carlisle 7 Day MegaRider £13.50

Kendal tickets
Kendal Child DayRider £2.20
Kendal DayRider £3.20
Kendal Family DayRider £7.00
Kendal 7 Day MegaRider £10.80
Kendal Plus 7 Day MegaRider £15.50

Central Lakes Zone tickets
Adult Central Lakes DayRider £9.00
Child Central Lakes DayRider £6.70
Concession Central Lakes DayRider £6.70
Group Central Lakes DayRider £24.50

Keswick and Honister Zone tickets
Adult Keswick and Honister DayRider £9.00
Child Keswick and Honister DayRider £6.70
Concession Keswick and Honister DayRider £6.70
Group Keswick and Honister DayRider £24.00

Penrith and Ullswater Zone tickets
Adult Penrith and Ullswater DayRider £9.00
Child Penrith and Ullswater DayRider £6.70
Concession Keswick and Honister DayRider £6.70
Group Keswick and Honister DayRider £24.00


Morecambe and Lancaster tickets

Bay Under 19 DayRider £2.80
Bay DayRider £5.00 – unchanged
Bay Plus DayRider £7.50
Bay Family DayRider £13.00
Bay 7 Day MegaRider - £17.00
Bay Plus 7 Day MegaRider - £24.30
Lancashire Under 19 DayRider £4.80
Lancashire DayRider £8.40
Lancashire Family DayRider £17.50

North West tickets
Adult North West Explorer £12.00
Adult 3 Day North West Explorer £28.00
Child North West Explorer £9.00
Child 3 Day North West Explorer £20.00
Concession North West Explorer £9.00
Concession 3 Day North West Explorer £20.00
Group North West Explorer £34.50
North West Gold 7 Day MegaRider £30.50
Group North West Gold 7 Day MegaRider £66.00

West Cumbria tickets
Whitehaven Under 19 DayRider £2.70
Whitehaven DayRider £3.60
Whitehaven 7 Day MegaRider £12.00
Workington Under 19 DayRider £2.70
Workington DayRider £3.60
Workington 7 Day MegaRider £12.00
West Cumbria Plus Under 19 DayRider £4.40
West Cumbria Plus DayRider £5.70
West Cumbria Plus Family DayRider £14.50
West Cumbria Plus 7 Day MegaRider £20.00