Proud to serve savvy savers

Save money on fuel, catch the bus!

The rising cost of filling your tank with fuel doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Maybe it’s time you reconsidered how you travel?

By choosing the bus you can save up a fortune on the cost of your journey and better still 1 of our double deck buses takes 75 cars off the road!

If you need to travel everyday our 7 and 28 day MegaRiders are great value, but we also have Flexi tickets for those who travel often but not everyday. 

Below are some of the prices for our 7 day MegaRiders and Flexi tickets available on the app, don't worry if you're area isn't shown you can find the best value tickets for your journey with our handy journey planning tool. 



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   7 Day MegRider  Flexi 5 / Flexi 10





West Cumbria Plus






£14.40  /  £25.20


£14.40  /  £25.20


£22.80  /  £39.90



Keswick & Honister




£12.80  /  £22.40 


£63 (Flexi 10)


Barrow Plus 




£14.40  /  £25.20


£30.80  /  £53.90



Carlisle Plus 


Ullswater & Penrith 






£14.80  /  £25.90


£31.20  /  £54.60


£36  /  £63



Bay Plus 








£20  /  £35


£30  /  £52.50


£33.60  /  £75.60

 North West Explorer  £30.50  £48  /  £84

What are Flexi tickets? 

Flexi tickets are bundles of DayRiders, that are perfect if you're a part-time or flexible worker. They're available on the Stagecoach Mobile App as bundles of 5 or 10, and you have a year to use them. 


Where can I buy my bus ticket?

You can buy your 7 day tickets on the bus from the driver using cash, or with your contactless device. Some 7 day MegaRider ticket prices are slightly more if purchased on the day from the driver.  Alternatively 7 day MegaRiders and Flexi tickets can be purchased in advance from the Stagecoach Mobile App. 28 day MegaRiders are available to buy online from our website only.