Our New Lancaster Services

Lancaster Passenger Consultation

Our New Lancaster Services…. designed for you!


Thank you for all your comments and suggestions regarding our proposed new network. The consultation has now closed.  We have carefully considered all the comments that we were given and made a number of changes to our proposals as a result.


  • Buses from the University into the city centre will continue their daytime times until 7pm as you told us getting on a bus at the underpass between 6 and 7pm can be a problem. 
  • We know that there will also be some lectures going on after 1800 so these later buses will also ensure that there is still a frequent service once lectures complete. Also on busy days we are going to introduce some extra buses starting at the sports centre between 5pm and 6pm to make it easier to board the bus here.
  • There was some concern that the service 4 will take a bit longer to get from the railway station to the University. Because of this service 4 will not go to the Bus Station on morning peak time journeys to provide a more direct and faster journey to the university.
  • In the evening rush hour there was concern that buses from the Railway Station to town run late. We have increased the running time on services 4 and 11. This does though mean that service 11 will run every 40 minutes after 4.30pm.
  • Some people were concerned that the 2X no longer serves Kingsway (although alternatives are available). Most of the concerns were about buses to work in the morning and back in the evening.   We have revisited the proposal and included more 2X buses at these times.  We will continue to send the bus that finished at the University in the mornings and starts there at night along the Mossgate Road/Kingsway Route.
  • The route from Heysham Village to Lancaster via Bare and Torrisholme will have an earlier bus on Sundays as some customers told us they could not arrive for work early enough on that day.
  • Buses on evenings and Sundays on service 1 will run down Heysham Road as customers here expressed regret at the loss of their service under the initial proposals.
  • There was concern that we were leaving the Promenade unserved given the routing we had proposed for Service 2.  Instead of all service 2 buses from Lancaster going into Morecambe bus station via Northumberland Avenue, those that end their journeys in Morecambe will continue to go round the Promenade by the Midland Hotel.
  • Many customers  asked if we can show the University term dates in our timetable booklets. The timetables for our new network will do this.