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Gainsborough fare changes

Fare Changes | Gainsborough

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There will be changes to fares from 25th April 2022 across East Midlands.


Our fares have remained unchanged for the last three years, and we are committed to keeping our fares as low as possible. But the cost of running buses has risen significantly, even with government funding to keep services running through the pandemic. So we have had to make the decision to review our fares. Some will be increasing but some will also be going down, whilst others will remain the same.


Gainsborough Singles and Returns


Singles and Returns

Simple singles and returns!

Our singles and returns will be a lot simpler. These fares will now fit within 4 price bands across the East Midlands region to keep things easy and simple.

Select your service below to see more details on what fare band you may fall within for singles and returns.



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Adult Single Adult Return Young Persons Single Young Persons Return
Band 1 £1.00 £2.00 £0.70 £1.40
Band 2 £2.00 £4.00 £1.40 £2.70
Band 3 £3.00 £6.00 £2.00 £4.00
Band 4 £4.50 £7.80 £3.00 £5.20

Town Flat Fares

Gainsborough Flat Fares remain in the town.

​The new price is Adult £2.00, Young Persons £1.40, no returns.

Day tickets


The Gainsborough Adult Day Out bus ticket has been reduced from £9.30 to £7.80 - travel covers all of East Midlands.

Gainsborough DayRider ticket is now £3.40.

Available to buy on bus and on the app.


The Gainsborough 7-day MegaRider is £12.00

Click to see the MegaRider boundary

Buy with a Smartcard on bus or via the app.

Gainsborough 28-day/Xtra MegaRider - £45.00Buy online only.

Connect MegaRider reduced to £28.00 so people can travel across the region for less.


Group Tickets


Our Gainsborough Group ticket is now eligible for up to 5 people (previously 2 adults and 3 children).

NEW Gainsborough Group DayRider - £12.00

Group Day Out ticket - £20.00 - for travel across all of East Midlands.

Available to buy on bus and on the app.



Young Persons

Save 20%

Young Persons tickets are now available for those aged from 5 up to and including 19 (previously 16), so more young people can travel for less.


Day tickets

Young Persons Day Out ticket - £5.00.

Gainsborough Young Persons DayRider is £2.20.

Buy on bus and the app


MegaRiderA NEW Young Persons MegaRider has been launched so those aged 19 and under have a wider choice of tickets.

Gainsborough Young Persons 7-day MegaRider - £9.60. Buy on bus and the app.

28-day/Xtra MegaRider - £36.00 - buy  online only.

Flexi tickets

Save with Flexi

These new tickets provide great value for money for customers who need more flexibility for their travel.

We are excited to introduce our new Flexi 5 and Flexi 10 tickets across East Midlands.

Flexi 5 – 5 DayRider tickets for the price of 4 (save 20%) – unlimited daily travel.

Flexi 10 – 10 DayRider tickets for the price of 7 (save 30%) – unlimited daily travel.

Flexi tickets are available to buy on the app and once activated customers have 12 months to use the tickets.



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Flexi-5 Price per day Total saving Flexi-10 Price per day Total saving
Gainsborough £13.60 £2.72 £3.40 £23.80   £2.38 £10.20


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