Schoolrider - Hull school bus pass

Why Schoolrider is the best ticket for you


Pay once - travel all week Monday to Friday term time

Buy weekly on bus - so you won't pay anything during School Holidays

Who can buy one - students aged 5 - 15 years, plus aged 16 in year 11

At least 12% cheaper than using megarider

Find your fare 

Use for leisure - use in the evenings Monday to Friday term time

Where - use on any Stagecoach service within the Greater Hull City area



How to get a Schoolrider Smart Card


On the bus -  when you purchase a ticket for a week on any of our buses, it will be loaded onto a StagecoachSmart card. There is  a £1 charge for smart cards issued on the bus across our regions. The card is yours to keep and reuse, so make sure you have it with you at all times when travelling.

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