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We have invested £5.7m in 31 more new buses for simplibus services in Hull

The new buses that will start to appear on the streets in Hull, include 21 single-decker and 10 double-decker buses which will increase capacity on services, helping to tackle traffic congestion and allow more people to switch to public transport.  This is an addition to the 15 new double decker vehicles that were launched in the city in 2017 making the total investment in new vehicles £9.7m

The new buses are fitted with Euro 6 engines and have low carbon emissions also including the latest start/stop technology to cut emissions when not moving.

We will be launching the new environmentally-friendly buses on Clean Air Day, Thursday 20 June to mark the global environmental day.

Join us in Hull City Centre, King Edward Square from 10am until 3pm.  Check out the new fleet of greener buses and take part in activities to celebrate Clean Air Day, including a wheel of fortune, the ‘buzzer game’ and a Clean Air quiz for a chance to win prizes.

Bus travel reduces congestion and carbon emissions by replacing up to 75 cars for every full bus on the road. Buses and coaches emit only 6% of total road transport emissions, whilst 60% comes from diesel cars and vans.


Your new buses...

simplibus | Next Stop Announcements 
next stop announcements BRAND NEW FEATURE
travel with confidence as the digital display and voice announcements tell you what the next stop on route is!


simplibus | On Bus USB Charging 
free USB charging points on board
don't worry about preserving your battery life - charge it up to the next level!


simplibus | E-Leather Seats
e-leather high back seats

travel in luxury and style with high-back e-leather seats


simplibus | Contactless Payments
contactless payments

pay quickly, safely and securely and never worry about digging for change again! We also accept Apple Pay & Google Pay too!


simplibus | Environmentally Friendly
environmentally friendly

fitted with environmentally-friendly Euro 6 engines with low carbon emissions to improve local air quality


simplibus | Live Bus Tracking
tracking technology

access the Stagecoach Bus app to track your bus live wherever they are

Our Stagecoach Simplibus service is the easy way to get around Hull City. 



Why you’ll love Simplibus

You’ll love our Simplibus service because:


  • simplified routes which are numbered 1-16
  • simplified route map




Which Simplibus to catch

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Route 1

Hull Paragon Interchange

Boothferry Estate

Hessle Road

Route 2

Hull Paragon Interchange

Boothferry Estate

Anlaby Road,  KC Stadium

Route 3


Orchard Park Tesco Bilton Grange, Andrew Marvell, Holderness Road, Hull Interchange, Beverley Road, Orchard Park

Route 4

Bilton Grange

Orchard Park Tesco Bilton Grange, Andrew Marvell, Holderness Road, Hull Interchange, Beverley Road, Orchard Park

Route 5

Hull Paragon Interchange

Orchard Park Tesco/Kingswood
Spring Bank, Princess Avenue, Newland Avenue, Hull University, Orchard Park, Tesco, Kingswood
 Route u5
 Hull Paragon Interchange  Kingswood Retail Park  Spring Bank, Princes Avenue, Newland Avenue, Hull University, Inglemire Lane, Hall Road, Orchard Park Tesco, Kingswood

Route 6
(continues as Route 7)

Hull Paragon Interchange

Wawne Road Retail Park

Beverley Road, Kingswood Leisure Park, Kingswood Retail Park and Kingswood Health Centre

Route 7
(continues as Route 6)

Hull Paragon Interchange

Wawne Road Retail Park
Beverley Road, Sutton Park, North Point Shopping Centre

Route 8, 8a

Hull Paragon Interchange

Hull Interchange
(Bransholme Circular)
Beverley Road, Sutton Park, Bransholme Centre, Howdale Road, Spring Cottage, Saltshouse Rd, Holderness Road

Route 9, 9a

Hull Paragon Interchange

Kingswood Retail Park
Mount Pleasant, Garden Village, Bransholme Centre, Kingsbury Way, Kingswood Health Centre

Route 10, 10a

Hull Paragon Interchange

North Bransholme (certain journeys extend to Wawne)
Cleaveland Street, Stoneferry, North Point Shopping Centre, Bodmin Road
Route 11, 11a  Hull Paragon Interchange  Kingswood Retail Park  Holderness Road, Bellfield Road, Spring Cottage, North Point Shopping Centre, Bodmin Road
Route 12, 12a  Hull Paragon Interchange Bransholme Centre
(12a extends to Kingswood)
 Holderness Road, Gillshill Road, Sutton Village, Noddle Hill Way
Route 14  Hull Paragon Interchange  Falkland Road   Holderness Road, Portobello Street, Wingfield Road
Route 16  Hull Paragon Interchange  Marfleet Village  Hull Marina, Victoria Dock, Ellis Street Asda, Bilsdale Grove


Download the Simplibus route map.


Great value tickets

We have some great value day, weekly and family tickets to use on our Simplibus routes. 

Tell us where you’re travelling from and to so we can show you the tickets available for your journey.