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Our team of 11 Seasiders can be found on the seafront of Skegness on route 3 between Easter and November - Can you name them all?  You can find out more about our Skegness Seasider buses below.

Skegness Seasiders - Rocky Bus

Hi, I’m Rocky!

I love riding along the seafront. I can smell all the yummy seaside treats and hear happy children playing.




Skegness Seasiders - Candy Bus

Hi, I’m Candy!

I love riding along the seafront watching everyone having fun at the fair, especially the rollercoaster!



Skegness Seasiders - Pierre Bus

Hi, I’m Pierre!

I love riding along the seafront. I can see everyone having fun on the pier and flying kites on the beach.




Skegness Seasiders - Sandy Bus

Hi, I’m Sandy!

I love looking at the sea and everyone building sandcastles on the beach as I ride along the Seafront



Skegness Seasiders - Salty Bus

Hi, I’m Salty!

I love watching everyone looking for all the wonderful sea creatures in the rock pools as I ride along the seafront.




Skegness Seasiders - Shelly Bus

Hi, I’m Shelly!

I love seeing everyone paddling in the sea and collecting sea shells on the beach as I ride along the seafront.



Skegness Seasiders - Rolly Bus

Hi, I’m Rolly!

I really love watching and listening to everyone scream on the rollercoaster at Fantasy Island and the log flume on the seafront!




Skegness Seasiders - Milly Bus

Hi, I’m Milly!

I love riding along the seafront. Can you see the white wind turbines out at sea, or the children with their whirly mills?


Teddy the Seasider 

 Hi, I’m Teddy!

I love listening to the music on the arcade grabbers as I ride up and down past them along the seafront!


Sweetie the Seasider Hi, I’m Sweetie!

I really like the smell of freshly cooked doughnuts wafting across the road when I ride past them!


Sunny the SeasiderHi, I’m Sunny!

I love the warmth of the sun on my back as I take all the holidaymakers up and down along the seafront.









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