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It's no longer a legal requirement to wear a face covering on public transport in England, Scotland or Wales. We do encourage you to wear a face covering in crowded spaces, if you can. For the latest travelling safely information for England, Wales and Scotland, see our Coronavirus page


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10-Trip bus ticket for students in Hull

Ask for a Student 10 Trip ticket on any of our buses in Hull and save up to 40%.


For just £12 our Student 10 Trip* gives you peace of mind when getting back out and about in Hull, and if it's your first bus experience, it's easy and safe with Stagecoach. Simply ask your driver for the Student 10 Trip  and remember, our drivers are there to help you with your journey.

No need to journey alone either - tap your smartcard twice to pay for your friend as well.

5 reasons to buy the Student 10 Trip

1. It works out at just £1.20 per trip, saving you up to 40% on your travel**

2. Use it on any Stagecoach bus across Hull

3. Student 10 Trip is put on to a smartcard***, ensuring you don't lose a journey

4. Once you have used all 10 journeys simply top up your smartcard - you have 3 months to use your trips, so there's no rush!

​5. You can pay by Contactless on bus, so less time spent searching for the correct change


Please continue to wear a face covering, if you can, when on the bus and in transport hubs.


How to get and use your Student 10 Trip ticket

Jump on board a Stagecoach bus and ask the driver for a Student 10 Trip ticket. If you do not already have a smartcard you will need to buy one from the driver for £1. Your ticket will be put on to the smartcard, knocking one trip off = 9. Every time you board a Stagecoach bus simply place your smartcard on to the card reader and show your student ID. One trip will be knocked off your smartcard. Once you have used all 10 trips top your card up with the driver and away you go!


To get to Hull city centre or Kingswood Park just hop on service 5 anytime from early mornings to late evenings!




*Your student ID must be shown each time you purchase and use your Student 10 Trip smartcard on the bus.

**40% discount is compared to buying an adult single ticket at £2 where equivalent travel value for 10 trips would be £20.

***A one off payment of £1 will be needed for your first smartcard, after that just keep topping it up. If you already own a smartcard it can be used for this ticket too.



Once you have purchased your Student 10 Trip pass on bus one trip will be knocked off. Your further trips will then be valid for 3 months. If you do not use all 10 trips within 3 months you will need to purchase another Student 10 Trip ticket on bus.

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