Proud to serve
our communities

Proud to serve
our communities


We’re celebrating 60 years of proudly serving Fife communities.

Join us as we explore our shared history, from the red, cream and gold livery of W. Alexander & Sons (Fife), established in 1961 and known as Fife Scottish from the 70s, through to Stagecoach's acquisition of those operations in 1991 and beyond. 

Take a look at our special 60th Anniversary timeline to find out more about 60 years of bus travel in Fife aboard Alexanders (Fife), Fife Scottish and eventually Stagecoach services. Or nip across to our blog to read our special guest posts about the history of bus fleet plates in Fife and the importance of fleet lists as a historical record. You can also view the winners of our bus of the future design competition.

You can also play Where's That Bus? below. No prizes for this one - aside from the satisfaction of being a history/geography boss! 

Big thanks to John Sinclair, Andrew Cook, William Kay, Eddie Taylor, Douglas Robertson and everyone else who sent us their fantastic photos and memories to share with you all.

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Bus of the future: winners announced!

We asked you to send us some designs for what you think buses will look like in 60 years - here are the fantastic winners.

Bus design competition entryBus design competition entryBus design competition entry



Where's That Bus?