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Heritage livery

Heritage livery
and historic vehicles


Take a look at our heritage livery and historic vehicles!

We're grateful to everyone who got in touch with photos and memories, which you can read below.

In celebration of 60 years of proudly serving Fife communities, one of our vehicles has had a retro makeover! Have you spotted it out and about in Fife?


Walter the Author

Dunfermline driver Walter Burt has written a number of books on the history of Fife buses, including this one.

Walter Burt's book about the history of Fife busesIf you're interested in reading more, you can find Walter's books at all good book shops.


Memories: One of Charlie's Favourite Buses

Charlie sent us a photo of one of his favourite buses of all time – (F)RO 516 (AMS 231), a Guy Arab II 6LW / Northern Counties H30/26R dating from 1944. 

(F)RO 516 (AMS 231), a Guy Arab II 6LW / Northern Counties H30/26R dating from 1944

"This bus lasted in service for around 20 years, much of that time on front-line duties.   

"Although the bus is still in Alexander’s pre-split crimson red Kirkcaldy town service livery, a close look at the legal lettering will show that the bus is in Alexander (Fife) ownership and therefore that photo was taken shortly after 15 May 1961. Location is, of course, Kirkcaldy town services bus station in Hunter Place/Wemyssfield.

"At that time there was a separate bus station for country services on the Esplanade, a somewhat inconvenient half mile distant. Nowadays, of course, all services use the Wemyssfield site, and have done for many years."


Lewis's Visit to Dunfermline

Lewis Thompson sent us in a photo from his trip to Dunfermline Depot for our open day to celebrate the depot's 100th birthday.

ADL Enviro 400 H47/33F (SP60 DPK)

"It is ADL Enviro 400 H47/33F (SP60 DPK). It was new to Stagecoach Fife as fleet no.19666 in 2011. It received this retro Fife Scottish livery to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of Dunfermline Depot. It was taken in Dunfermline Bus Station doing shuttle runs during the event & looks incredibly smart in the sunshine as it arrives."


Memories: William's Conductor Days

William Kay sent us some fantastic photos and memories of Fife buses.

FPE88 in Dunfermline

"FPE88 in Dunfermline awaiting its departure for Perth from the old Carnegie Stance. There was a particularly unfortunate service alteration around that time as the through service was split and the Perth end was diverted via Cowdenbeath to connect with the bus from Kirkcaldy. As it turned out public were unhappy about that being curtailed so it was spared for a time but both buses ran together from Cowdenbeath to Kelty every 2 hours! One Sunday I conducted it and we had a full standing load as we arrived in Cowdenbeath, yes really, so the bus from Kirkcaldy couldn't have transferred anyone over anyway. There mustn't have been any viable express routes at the time hence the spectacular loads."