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Confirmed timetable changes for 15 August 2016 - Fife area

Stagecoach in Fife

Thanks for getting involved in our consultation process which took place across Fife and Dundee in June, to discuss proposed timetable changes for August.  

We really appreciate the feedback we've received from the web forms received through this site, in person at the drop in sessions, via email or from the feedback forms completed and returned to us.  

We've now gone through the feedback received, made revisions to our original plans and created new timetables, valid from Monday 15 August 2016

Full details of our confirmed changes are detailed below, with links to the new timetable files.   Printed leaflets are currently in production and will be available in travel shops from around 3 August onwards. 

New maps are also available, showing all routes in Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes, Levenmouth, St Andrews, Dunfermline and Dalgety Bay from 15 August, at the links below:

Town maps from 15 August 2016

Kirkcaldy map

Glenrothes map

Levenmouth map

St Andrews map

Dunfermline map

Dalgety Bay map

Timetables are available by clicking on the service headings, or you can  plan your journey online now.

1                              Dunfermline – Aberdour Road – Castle Drive – Middlebank Street – Ferrytoll

This service is withdrawn as the fares collected do not cover the cost of operating the service.

Other services will provide alternatives for many parts of the route. Revised service 3/3A will link Dunfermline City Centre with Duloch and Lapwing Drive. New service 7B will link the City Centre with the Middlebank Street area of Rosyth and then to Inverkeithing. Service 87 will continue to serve the middle section of Aberdour Road.

Castle Drive will not have a service during the off peak, although frequent services will continue to pass on Queensferry Road and at Lapwing Drive.

The evening and Sunday service 1A is operated by Stagecoach on behalf of Fife Council and will be replaced between Dunfermline City Centre, Rosyth, Inverkeithing and North Queensferry by an hourly 7D service. Between the City Centre and Duloch, the 1A is replaced by an hourly service 87 in the evenings and on Sundays.


2                              Halbeath P&R – Duloch – Castle Drive – Rosyth – Ferrytoll

2A                           Halbeath P&R – Amazon - Duloch – Castle Drive – Rosyth – Ferrytoll

The demand shown for these services, launched in August 2014, has been consistently very low outside of weekday peak times.

Service 2 will be withdrawn and a 30 minute frequency on service 2A will operate but only on weekday peak times (approx 0545 – 0735 and 1625 – 1917).

Revised services 33/33A will provide links between Halbeath park & ride and Fife Leisure Park while revised services 3/3A will provide links from Duloch to Queensferry Road where services to Rosyth and Edinburgh can be connected with. 

Castle Drive will not have a service during the off peak, although frequent services will continue to pass on Queensferry Road and at Lapwing Drive.

An additional early morning journey added from Halbeath Park and Ride to Amazon on Saturdays.


3/3A                      Townhill – James Street – Abbeyview – Duloch – Pitcorthie Circulars

Services 3/3A are revised to follow an expanded route. The existing route will continue to operate between Townhill, City Centre and Hospital Hill. This would run for most of the day at an improved 15 minute frequency, currently every 20 minutes. At Hospital Hill, services would then run in alternate loops via either St Andrews Street, Whitelaw Road, Trondhiem Parkway, Dunlin Drive, Greenbank Drive, Duloch Tesco, Lapwing Drive, Pitcorthie Drive and then back to Townhill. Service 3A would run in the alternative direction round the loop. This will give departures from the City Centre (James Street) to Duloch every 15 minutes during the day, Monday to Saturdays.

Frequency for Pitcorthie and Lapwing Drive areas remains every 30 minutes in each direction, replacing part of current service 4, while the frequency in Dunlin Drive and Whitelaw Road reduces from every 20 to every 30 minutes.

The existing service 3 route between Aberdour Road (Masterton Primary School) and Halbeath park & ride, via Sandpiper Drive and Fife Leisure Park will no longer be served due to the low use made of the existing service. Revised services 33/33A will provide links between Halbeath park & ride and Fife Leisure Park while service 2A will continue to provide peak time links between Duloch, Sandpiper Drive and Halbeath park & ride. Service 87 will be rerouted to serve Lapwing Drive and now include evening and Sunday journeys.

Some journeys on services 3/3A will extend to Amazon to suit shift times.

Evening and Sunday services are operated by Stagecoach on behalf of Fife Council and will operate as a 3 and 3A each operating every hour via the daytime route but also serving Fife Leisure Park.


4                              Dunfermline – Carnock – Oakley - Blairhall

The section of route between the bus station and Duloch is transferred to revised service 3/3A (see above).

Between Dunfermline and Blairhall the current route and frequency remains every 30 minutes as now with minor timetable changes planned.

The evening and Sunday services are operated by Stagecoach on behalf of Fife Council and will operate on an hourly headway.   Times will also be revised to allow better connections from Edinburgh services.


5/5A                      Dunfermline - Abbeyview Circulars

No major changes are planned for these services. They will continue to follow the current route, generally every 20 minutes in each direction, however in the very early mornings when demand is very low we are making some changes to times.

The evening and Sunday services are operated by Stagecoach on behalf of Fife Council and the 5 and 5A will continue to each operate on an hourly headway.


6                              Steelend – Saline – Golfdrum Street - Dunfermline – Limekilns – Crombie

Service 6 will be revised to operate as an Oakley – Saline – Steelend – Wellwood – Dunfermline – Limekilns – Crombie service operating every hour during the majority of the day, with an additional early morning journey in to Dunfermline to enable better connections to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Kirkcaldy.

The Golfdrum Street area will be served by a revised Fife Council supported service 89/89A.

Minor changes will also be introduced to the Crombie end of the service although the route and frequency will generally remain as present.


7                              Leven – Buckhaven – Victoria Hospital – Kirkcaldy – Dalgety Bay – Dunfermline

Service 7 will operate every 30 minutes (from approximately 0500 until 1800) Monday to Saturdays and then every hour in the evening and Sundays as now. Service 7A (see below) will also run every 30 minutes to provide a 15 minute frequency between Leven, East Wemyss, Dysart, Victoria Hospital and Kirkcaldy bus station. New service 7B (also see below) will run every 30 minutes providing a co-ordinated 15 minute service between Dunfermline, Rosyth, Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay.

While the new service 7 will run slightly less frequently during off peak periods than at present, the new timetable will run more frequently in some cases than presently as there will be an end to the various schoolday / non schoolday variations.

In Rosyth, service 7 will be rerouted to serve Camdean. This means stops at Dick Place, Tesco and Halt (southbound) will no longer be served by service 7, although service 7B will serve these stops. In Camdean, the service will follow the current service 19 route and stops.


7A                           Leven – Methilhill – Victoria Hospital – Kirkcaldy

After requests, this service will be rerouted in Kirkcaldy. It will now operate from Dysart via Loughborough Road, replacing service 13, and then via Victoria Hospital. This will reinstate links from the Methilhill area to the hospital. The top section of Windmill Road will no longer be served although alternative services are available at Rosslynn Street and The Fairway.

The frequency will be reduced slightly from every 20 to every 30 minutes, but will combine service 7 to provide an improved 15 minute frequency between Leven, East Wemyss, Dysart and Victoria Hospital.

At Kirkcaldy most journeys on service 7A will continue to Central Fife Retail Park as service 15. This will provide better links from Leven, the coastal communities and east Kirkcaldy to the retail park.

Evening and Sunday journeys between Methilhill and Kirkcaldy are introduced with the revised service X58 and this will now serve Victoria Road in Kirkcaldy offering continued links from Leven and Methilhill.


7B                           Kelty – QM Hospital – Dunfermline – Middlebank – Inverkeithing – Dalgety Bay

This new service replaces service 9 between Kelty and Dunfermline and then operates a co-ordinated 15 minute frequency between Dunfermline and Dalgety Bay.

Operating every 30 minutes during the daytime, the new service will cover the current 9 route from Kelty to Dunfermline then via Queensferry Road, Middlebank Street, Rosyth Crossroads, Castlelandhill, Inverkeithing Square, Dalgety Bay Link Road, Moray Way (The Bridges) and terminate at Regents Way shopping centre. At peak times some journeys will serve Hillend Industrial Estate and St Davids Harbour.

The route will offer cross town links to Queen Margaret Hospital, improved service provision for eastern Rosyth and the southern part of Dalgety Bay.

For residents of Kelty, the existing 30 minute daytime frequency will continue to be provided but the extension to Dalgety Bay will provide direct links to employments areas at Pitreavie and Hillend.

On Sundays the service will operate with route number 7C between Kelty and Inverkeithing only via the weekday route except for in Rosyth where buses will follow the service 7 route through Camdean rather than Middlebank Street.

The current evening service between Dunfermline and Kelty is replaced by a new 33B service (see below) although the service will finish earlier than present on Sunday evenings.


8                              Dunfermline – High Valleyfield – Kincardine – Alloa – Stirling

9                              Kelty – QM Hospital – Dunfermline – High Valleyfield

Service 9 is withdrawn and replaced by new service 7B between Dunfermline and Kelty (see above). The section between Dunfermline and High Valleyfield is replaced by a revised service 8, 8A.

Services 8, 8A will operate every 30 minutes between Dunfermline bus station, High Valleyfield and Culross. One journey per hour will then extend to Kincardine, Clackmannan and Alloa. The section of route between Alloa and Stirling will no longer be served although there are other services available on this route provided by either First or Mackies.

An hourly evening service between Dunfermline and Culross is maintained with a revised timetable offering connections at Dunfermline from services arriving from Edinburgh. Sunday evening service will finish earlier than at present.


9/9A (new)         Denhead/Bonnybank – Kennoway – Leven – Buckhaven – Methilhill

These new services will replace the busiest sections of current services 48/48A/49/49A. The existing 30 minute frequency will be maintained between Kennoway shops, Myreside Avenue, Linwood Drive, Leven, Lower Methil or Aberhill Tower Bar, Buckhaven, Methilhill and Queens Square. Hourly extensions will operate from Denhead (9) or Bonnybank (9A).

Between Leven and Kennoway, the service will be supplemented by services 41B, 43 and 46, maintaining the 4 or 5 journeys per hour between the two towns.

The evening and Sunday service provided by Fife Council will remain largely as the current timetable and operate as service 49.  This will include one early morning journey for staff at Cameron Hospital.


11                           Kirkcaldy – Brodick Road – Redcraigs – Retail Park

12                           Kirkcaldy – Brodick Road – Birnam Road – Retail Park

Service 12 will extend  to Glen Bruar Place, reinstating links between that area and Torbain Primary School.

Frequencies on services 11 and 12 will be improved in the weekday afternoon with the current combined 15 minute frequency replaced by the same 10 minute frequency operating during the rest of the day. There will be minor changes to the timetables of both routes throughout the day and weekends.

Service 11A in the evening will no longer extend to the Retail Park however the 12A continues to serve this at these times.


13                           West Wemyss – Dysart – Victoria Hospital – Kirkcaldy – John Smith Business Park

This service is operated by Stagecoach under contract from Fife Council. They have requested that the service return to serving Dysart Road rather than Loughborough Road, service 7A replacing it there.

The service will be revised to serve the Sauchenbush area on every journey and will also be amended to serve the John Smith Business Park just at peak times.


14                           Kirkcaldy – Dunnikier Estate

Due to a reduction in demand on this route over the last year we have unfortunately come to the conclusion that the current 20 minute frequency is no longer viable. A basic hourly service will  operate from around 0730 until 2300, with a slightly later start as now on a Sunday.

The routing around Dalmahoy Crescent will be retained for off peak journeys.


15                           Kirkcaldy – Templehall – Harris Drive – Retail Park – Glen Bruar Place

Service 15 will be revised to operate on a 30 minute frequency during off peak periods. The peak service would remain similar to now.

As described above most journeys on service 15 will connect with service 7A at Kirkcaldy bus station and therefore will offer an advertised connection for through travel to Victoria Hospital, Dysart and Leven.

Service 15 will continue to serve Glen Bruar Place alongside the extended service 12 offering up to five departures an hour to and from the bus station.


16/A                      Kirkcaldy Circulars

Unfortunately the numbers of passengers making use of the services is extremely low and we will be withdrawing these routes.

Fife Council are diverting service 13 to serve the Sauchenbush area whilst service 41 is rerouted to serve the Oswald Road area of Gallatown. Other services are available to the Retail Park and Victoria Hospital.


17                           Dunfermline – Garvock – Leisure Park – Cowdenbeath – Kelty

18                           Kirkcaldy – Victoria Hospital – Cowdenbeath - Kelty

Both of these services are withdrawn.

This will leave some areas without a Stagecoach service however alternative services are available between Kelty and Cowdenbeath, operated by Bay Travel, and within Cowdenbeath itself, revised services 33/33A and service 81.

For those travelling from Kelty to Kirkcaldy, alternative facilities will be available with service X55 rerouted via Halbeath park & ride and service X27 now operating twice an hour from there direct to Victoria Hospital and Kirkcaldy bus station. Journey times will be reduced as a result with the fastest journeys over 20% quicker than at present.

Between Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy, a revised service 33/33A would continue to offer two journeys an hour from the town via Victoria Hospital as the current 18 and 33 do now.

The section of route between Dunfermline and Cowdenbeath on service 17 would be largely replaced by the revised 33/33A, following the current 33 route from Dunfermline bus station via Bellyeoman Road, Queen Margaret Hospital, Asda, Fife College, Fife Leisure Park, Halbeath park & ride, Crossgates and then alternate journeys via Hill of Beath or Moss-side Road.

Fife Council have advised us that the 89/89A service will be revised to operate along the Garvock Hill area in Dunfermline providing hourly links to Queen Margaret Hospital and Dunfermline bus station.


19                           Ballingry – Cowdenbeath – Dunfermline – Rosyth – Hilton Road

Service 19 will no longer serve Halbeath Main Street with service 81 providing an alternative daytime service. In Rosyth, all journeys will follow a common route from the Halt direct via Queensferry Road to the Crossroads, Castlelandhill, Ridley Drive, Admiralty Road, Castle Road and terminate at Hilton Road. This would operate every 10 minutes during the daytime improving frequencies between Rosyth and the Dockyard area, and from Rosyth to Dunfermline.

Except for weekday peak times the service via Kings Road (19A) will be withdrawn due to low usage, but alternatives are available from bus stops on Admiralty Road, Park Road/Park Road West and at Rosyth Halt. A half hourly peak service X19 will continue to serve these stops.

Camdean will no longer be served by service 19 however it will now be served by service 7 (and Sunday only 7C) which will maintain links with Dunfermline and to Rosyth shopping areas. It will open up new links to Inverkeithing and to Dalgety Bay, Kirkcaldy, Victoria Hospital and Leven.

At peak times, the service currently operates into the Dockyard site at Wood Road. Traffic congestion caused by this diversion has caused reliability problems elsewhere on the route so service 19 will terminate at Hilton Road at all times, however at weekday peak times a new X19 service will be introduced running to/from Wood Road and then fast to Dunfermline bus station via Kings Road. At other times stops on service 19 are within walking distance.

As presently, evening and weekend journeys will run via the Fife Leisure Park and these in future will operate as service 19A.

An earlier weekday morning journey from Ballingry is introduced (departs 0443) to open up access to employment opportunities around Dunfermline and Rosyth for shift workers. Revised times allow for improved connections to service 747 at Halbeath park & ride for journeys to Edinburgh Airport.

In general all times are subject to minor alterations but overall frequencies and times of operation remain as at present.

The Dunfermline zone boundary has also been extended to include Rosyth.


23                           St Andrew – Cupar – Kinross – Dollar – Stirling

Due to decreasing demand some journeys will be withdrawn.

Currently the service operates every 2 hours giving six return journeys a day. This will now be four return journey a day. These will still provide the current journeys to and from Dollar for school pupils.

Passengers between St Andrews and Cupar have access to alternative hourly services X24, X59, 64/A and 94/A. Between Cupar and Bow of Fife, the 64/64A offers hourly journeys and between Cupar and Auchtermuchty, the 94A offers a 2 hourly service. From Auchtermuchty, the 66 offers a 2 hourly service to Gateside and Burnside. Beyond Burnside, the 23 is joined by service 56 at Mawcarse and the X55 at Milnathort to provide services into Kinross. West from Kinross, the 23 is the only timetabled bus service through Crook of Devon, Rumbling Bridge and Yetts o’ Muckart but from Dollar there is once again a number of other local services along the Hillfoots and into Stirling.

Fife Council service 66 will not be revised but can now offer through fares to Cupar and St Andrews for those travelling from Gateside for onward travel. Our journey planner will assist in making connections depending on the time of travel.


X24                         St Andrews – Glenrothes – Dunfermline – Glasgow

Service X24 is extending to Glasgow Airport and Braehead Shopping Centre.

This will offer an hourly service, seven days a week connecting Fife, including Halbeath park & ride, and Cumbernauld directly to Glasgow Airport and its range of flight destinations.

To allow the extension to the route, the timetable will be changed. This will include an earlier journey to Glasgow from Dunfermline, arriving at 0510. The overall frequency between Halbeath and Glasgow city centre will remain every 20 minutes (combined X24 and X27)

Between St Andrews and Glenrothes, the existing service 24 will be revised to operate as an X24 offering St Andrews a direct departure from Glasgow at 2115 rather than the current last through departure at 1925 on Monday to Saturdays.  The 2305 from Glenrothes to St Andrews will continue to divert via Ladybank.  New service X53 will provide other evening services to Ladybank.


X26                         Kirkcaldy – Auchtertool – Dunfermline - Glasgow

X27                         Leven – Kirkcaldy – Dunfermline – Glasgow

Service X26 routing between Kirkcaldy and Halbeath park and ride be withdrawn and that replaced by additional journeys on service X27 via the A92, Chapel and Victoria Hospital to reach Kirkcaldy. This will increase the frequency of express services from West Fife (Kincardine, Cairneyhill, Crossford and Dunfermline) to Victoria Hospital from once an hour to twice an hour. Kirkcaldy maintains its twice hourly links to Glasgow.

Earlier morning journeys to Victoria Hospital and Kirkcaldy are introduced whilst evening journeys are also improved including a later return journey to and from Glasgow.

The Sunday service is completely revised with hourly departures from Leven to Glasgow throughout the day.

With the withdrawal of service X26 Stagecoach will no longer be serving Auchtertool and the Mossgreen area of Crossgates. Crossgates is served by alternative services 19 and 33 on Main Street, Dunfermline Road which is at most around 800 meters from existing bus stops. Bay Travel also operate a local service through the Mossgreen area so no stops will be left unserved. Fife Council have advised that another operator is introducing a service between  Auchtertool and Kirkcaldy.

In Dunfermline stops are added at East End Park, match the X55 stopping pattern.

28 QM Hospital - Dunfermline - Saline - High Valleyfield - Falkirk

This service will be rerouted at Fife Council's request to serve Scotland Drive and St Johns Drive. Garvock Hill will be served by Bay Travel services 89/89A.


30                           Caskieberran – Glenrothes – Woodside

This service would replace the existing G6 service. The route will remain the same with a revised timetable in operation but overall the general hourly frequency Monday to Saturday daytime remains.


X30                         Dunfermline – Cowdenbeath – Kinglassie – Glenrothes - link to new route X54 timetable from 15 August 2016

The existing one weekday morning journey on this route will be renumbered as an X54 and slightly retimed.


32                           Glenrothes – Kinglassie – Cardenden – Kirkcaldy

This Fife Council supported service will be extended beyond Glenrothes bus station to replace service G7 operating via Pitteuchar, Bankhead and Stenton. This will open up new cross town links and should prove useful for those travelling from Cardenden and Kinglassie to Fife College and Bankhead Industrial area.

The current hourly frequency will continue to operate although evening and Sunday times change slightly to improve reliability.


33/A                      Dunfermline – QM Hosp - Cowdenbeath – Lochgelly – Cardenden – Victoria Hosp - Kirkcaldy

 Service 33 will be improved to operate every 30 minutes, Monday to Saturdays. This will double the frequency of service between Queen Margaret & Victoria Hospitals and between Queen Margaret and Halbeath park & ride. Cardenden and Lochgelly will gain enhanced service levels to the employment and leisure areas of west Dunfermline as a half hourly link will be provided to Fife Leisure Park.

In Cowdenbeath alternate journeys will operate via either Moss-side Road & Stenhouse Street or via Hill of Beath and the Fountain (33A). Earlier morning journeys into Dunfermline will cater for employment at Fife Leisure Park and the hospital.

In Dunfermline, the 33A service will operate via Laurieston Drive.

In association with Fife Council an improved evening service with hourly departures from Kirkcaldy until approximately 2300 Monday to Saturday will operate. These will operates as a 33B following the 33A route between Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath Fountain then by Moss Side Road, Old Perth Road, Kelty Cross, Westcroft Way, Beechbank Crescent, Keltyhill, Kelty Cross, Kingseat, Queens Margaret Hospital, Townhill Road to Dunfermline bus station. This will partly replace service 9 in the evenings.


34                           Kirkcaldy – Cardenden – Lochgelly – Ballingry

This service is withdrawn. Those travelling between Kirkcaldy and Cardenden will continue to be served by service 32 and improved service 33. Between Kirkcaldy and Lochgelly the revised service 33 will offer an improved service.

For those travelling from Ballingry, Lochore or Glencraig service 19 provides a 10 minute frequency into Lochgelly from where the improved 33/33A runs every 30 minutes to Kirkcaldy. The improved service levels on service 33 will also allow for later evening return journeys from Kirkcaldy than at present with service 34. Through fares will be available from our drivers.

Service 32 will continue to serve Corrie Centre and Dundonald in Cardenden.


35                           Cupar – Newburgh – Perth

36                           Glenrothes – Newburgh – Perth

A revised timetable will operate with the single journey from Cupar to Perth on weekday mornings replaced by an additional service 36 journey.

Sunday timetable is revised and no longer serves Glenrothes.

Shoppers service 36A on Saturdays is renumbered a 66A.


X37                         Kirkcaldy – Gallatown – Woodside – Glenrothes – North Glenrothes – Flemington Road

This service replaces the current service X40 and parts of services 38 and 39B. The new route will follow the X40 route from Kirkcaldy to Pitcairn and then extend via Collydean and Rothes Road, Glenrothes bus station, Asda and Flemington Road for Morrisons and Aldi.

From North Glenrothes journeys towards Kirkcaldy will operate in a clockwise direction (Collydean then Pitcairn, then Cadham). Journeys from any point of this loop in either direction will be numbered X37 and take you to Glenrothes bus station.

There are amendments to the timetable and some additional morning peak journeys introduced. Some late evening Fife Council supported journeys are withdrawn.


38                           Newcastle – Napier Road – Glenrothes – Flemington Road - link to new X37/39 timetable from 15 August 2016

This service will be replaced by new service X37 serving Flemington Road and a revised 39B serving Napier Road (service 32 continues to serve Napier Road as now). It will be necessary to change buses at Glenrothes bus station for travel between Newcastle and Morrisons but all areas retain alternative services.


39/A/B                  Kirkcaldy – Victoria Hospital – Thornton – Pitteuchar – Newcastle / Leslie

The daytime frequency of buses between Kirkcaldy, Thornton and Glenrothes is reduced to a 15 minute frequency. Alternate journeys will operate via Kirkcaldy Asda (39A) or via St Clair Street (Rejects, 39/39B) reinstating the link to this area of Gallatown. All journeys continue to serve Victoria Hospital.

Service 39B no longer serves Collydean, new service X37 covering this area. It now extends to Newcastle via Napier Road and Roxburgh Road.

Within Glenrothes service 39 is revised to operate through to Whitehills Industrial Estate at peak times to open up new connections to employment opportunities.

Late evening frequency is reduced to hourly as demand for these journeys is very low.


40/A                      Edinburgh – South Queensferry

In order for us to improve reliability service 40 will no longer operate during the evening peak as delays on the A90 approaching the Forth Road Bridge are greatly impacting on this service. Some journeys will change from being a 40 to a 40A whereas other journeys will follow a new route variation 40B that will operate in a one way loop of the town from Dalmeny then via Scotstoun, Ecline, town centre and back to Edinburgh via Dalmeny.

The evening service will also be revised with late evenings reduced to an hourly frequency however changes to service X55 will still allow for two “all stops” journeys per hour between Edinburgh to Barnton as now. All the evening journeys would follow the new 40B route.


X40                         Kirkcaldy – Gallatown – Woodside – Glenrothes – North Glenrothes - link to new X37/39 timetable from 15 August 2016

This service would be replaced by new service X37. All current route and frequency would be retained.


41                           Cupar – Kennoway – Kirkcaldy

41B                         Cupar – Kennoway – Leven - Buckhaven

This proposal has been heavily revised following the period of consultation. This service is maintained on broadly its current timetable whilst the Fife Council provided service 41B is revised. The evening and Sunday timetable continues in its present form.

Service 41 will connect at Kennoway with service 9A to/from Leven during off peak periods.  Between Leven and Buckhaven, service 41B will become part of new service 47 but on a similar frequency to current.  Casan will be served by routes 41B and 41C.


42/B                       St Andrews – Leuchars – Tayport – Dundee

Frequency improved from every 20 minutes to every 15 minutes between Tayport and Dundee. One journey per hour would continue to extend beyond Tayport to Leuchars and St Andrews with peak time journeys via Strathkinnes as now (service 42B).

The hourly journey currently between Dundee, Tayport and Cupar would be replaced by an improved express service X53/X54 (see below). Travel between Tayport and Cupar will require a connection between services at either St Michaels or at Guardbridge.

Evening and Sunday service provision will be improved with an hourly service all evening  with later journeys at 2255 and 0010 and an hourly Sunday service between the 42B and 53.

The 0010 departure from Dundee, Monday to Saturday, will continue to Leuchars and Dundee.


X42                         Kirkcaldy – Glenrothes – Ladybank – Cupar – Dundee – Ninewells Hospital - link to new X53 timetable from 15 August 2016

This service will be replaced by new service X53. See below


43/A                      Whitehills – Glenrothes – Kennoway - Leven

44/A/B                  Whitehills – Glenrothes – Methilhill - Leven

45                           Glenrothes - Markinch

46/A                      Glenrothes – Star – Kennoway - Leven

X4/A                      Glenrothes – Markinch – Leven

Minor timing amendments.


47                           Leven – Mountfleurie

After discussions with Fife Council this service will continue to operate, every hour in the off peak period, but will now terminate at Aldi.  Evening and Sunday service provided by Fife Council will be renumbered service 49.


48/A/B                  Levenmouth Circular

49/A/B                  Levenmouth Circular

New services 9/9A will replace most of these services.

The only section of route not covered by the 9/9A will be that between Queens Square, Methilhill and Kennoway shops. Alternative services are available, service 43 between Windygates and Kennoway and 44 via Windygates and Methilhill. Both 43 and 44 continue to Leven maintaining direct links from Windygates. The only direct links no longer available are journeys from Windygates to Buckhaven (service 44B continues to operate at peak times). Cameron Hospital retains service 41 and 44.

The Fife Council supported evening and Sunday services will be renumbered as 49 and extend to Mountfleurie. An additional early morning journey catering for those working at Cameron Hospital will also operate.

X51                         Dunfermline – Ferrytoll – Livingston

We launched the weekday timetable on this service in August 2015 and to date the daytime shoppers journeys have proven very popular. Unfortunately the peak time commuter journeys have not generated sufficient demand to justify the cost of providing these journeys and so we propose to withdraw the weekday early morning and last evening journeys.

It is also proposed that the service revert to stopping at all stops between Dunfermline and Ferrytoll, albeit via the same route as now.


X53                         Dalgety Bay – Ferrytoll – Edinburgh - link to new X58/X60 timetable from 15 August 2016

Current service X53 is withdrawn. Improvements to service X58 and X60 are detailed below.

As the X58 and X60 do not serve St Davids Harbour peak journeys on new service 7B will be routed this way to allow connection into Edinburgh services.


X53 (new)           Kirkcaldy – Glenrothes – Ladybank – Cupar – Dundee

This new service will replace service X42 although operating revised routing in Dundee.  Additional stopping points are introduced at Cupar for the oats factory and at Drumoig.

In Dundee the service will now operate via the University, Perth Road, Ninewells Hospital, Invergowrie and Kingoodie.

A much improved hourly evening service will also be introduced as well as a two hourly Sunday service between Dundee and Kirkcaldy. This will operate via Tayport as a service 53 and will stop at all stops on route.

Several commuter trips will also serve Letham Road End to maintain a link at peak times to Dundee.

Between services X53 and X54 Cupar will now have a half hourly express direct to Dundee city centre.


X54                         Dundee – Glenrothes – Halbeath – Ferrytoll - Edinburgh

Between Glenrothes and Dundee bus stations this service will follow a new route via Cupar and Dundee city centre.

This introduces new stops at Kettlebridge, Balmalcolm, Pitessie, Cupar Knox Gardens, Cupar railway station, Cupar East Road, Dairsie, Balmullo, St Michaels, Drumoig and Forgan Roundabout. For Kettlebridge, Balmalcolm and Pitessie this would give them a direct bus to Dundee and a doubling of frequency to Edinburgh, which Cupar and Dairsie would also benefit from.

Between services X53 and X54 Cupar will now have a half hourly express direct to Dundee city centre.

The existing X54 route from New Inn Roundabout via A92 to the Tay Bridge will no longer be served. Freuchie and Ladybank are served by the new X53 in addition to other local services. Letham will continue to be served at peak times by the X53 and off peak by service 64/64A which would offer connections to Dundee from Cupar. The small villages along the A92 would not be served by any services. Newport will be served by revised Stagecoach Strathtay services 39/39A (see below).

Overall journey time remains similar to the current A92 and Newport route.

Overall service provision remains similar to now with frequency and first or last departures much as now.


X55 Perth – Kinross – Kelty – Dunfermline – Ferrytoll – Edinburgh
X56 Perth – Kinross – Ferrytoll – Edinburgh

Faster journey times between Dunfermline and Edinburgh.

Daytime X55 journeys now bypass Inverkeithing and stop only at St Leonards Asda, Cottage Inn, Cypress Grove, Lloyds Card Services, Rosyth Halt, Queens Buildings, Crossroads and Admiralty flyover between Dunfermline and Ferrytoll, now operating every 20 minutes during the daytime, Monday to Saturdays (every 30 minutes on Sundays).

Later evening journeys will serve Inverkeithing and stop at all stops on route as service 55. The hourly frequency at these times is maintained.

North of Dunfermline the route will divert via Halbeath P&R for connections to the express network. Stopping arrangements on Halbeath Road would be amended to match other express services with East End Park, Whitefield Road and Fife College becoming the new standard stopping pattern for all. Stops are added at Gairneybridge anf Hatchbank.

In Perth the Broxden section of route is withdrawn but all journeys now stop in Scott Street or South Street for city centre access.

Commuter express X56 no longer serve Kelty to improve journey times but additional journeys on the X55 are extended to/from Kelty.

A later 1815 departure from Perth is introduced.

56 Halbeath – Kelty – Kinross – Perth

Following consultation with Perth & Kinross Council, this service will now operate approximately two hourly Monday to Sunday. College journeys will extend to and from Kelty but all other journeys will operate between Gairneybridge/Kinross and Perth. Services X55 and X56 are available for other journeys between Perth, Kinross, Kelty and Dunfermline.

X57                         Kirkcaldy – Burntisland – Dalgety Bay – Ferrytoll – Edinburgh - link to new X58/X60 timetable from 15 August 2016

This service is withdrawn. An improved service X58/X60 will operate but no direct buses will operate between Kinghorn, Burntisland and Aberdour to Edinburgh. A new connection guide will be available as part of our Edinburgh express travel guide for alternative services.


57                           Kirkcaldy – Kinghorn - Burntisland

This service is withdrawn. For most users, the service 7 offers a direct replacement, or for those in Burntisland, it may require a connection between the service 7 and Fife Council supported service B1, operated by Bay Travel.


X58                         Leven – Kirkcaldy – Dalgety Bay – Ferrytoll – Edinburgh

X60                         St Andrews – Anstruther – Leven – Kirkcaldy – Dalgety Bay – Ferrytoll – Edinburgh

X62                         St Andrews – Anstruther – Leven – Kirkcaldy – Dalgety Bay – Ferrytoll – Edinburgh

Weekday peak time service is enhanced with a 20 minute frequency introduced.

X60 will now serve Moray Way North in Dalgety Bay.

Journeys on service X62 are replaced by similar timed journeys on service X58 via Methilhill.

Service X58 will be withdrawn between Leven and St Andrews but a new service 97 will replace it, offering connections for travel between Kirkcaldy and Leven. Travel between Leven, Upper Largo and St Andrews will still be possible every hour on service X60.

After the end of this years Edinburgh Festival and Fringe the Friday and Saturday night service N58 from Edinburgh to Kirkcaldy will be withdrawn.



X59                         St Andrews – Glenrothes – Halbeath – Ferrytoll – Edinburgh

X61                         Glenrothes – North Kirkcaldy – Halbeath – Ferrytoll - Edinburgh

Service X59 would be subject to minor changes to times and additional journeys are added between Glenrothes and Edinburgh.

Service X61 is withdrawn.

Service X27 will partly replace the X61 through Victoria Hospital and north Kirkcaldy, allowing for connection at Halbeath park & ride to the frequent services for Edinburgh. The overall frequency between north Kirkcaldy and Halbeath remain at two per hour as now. The section of route between Gallatown and Glenrothes will not be directly replaced but connections are possible from other local bus services (39/39A/39B) to Edinburgh services at Kirkcaldy bus station (services X58/X60).

The frequency between Halbeath park & ride and Edinburgh will be maintained with a general 20 minute frequency during off peak periods provided by services X54 and X59.



64/A                      Glenrothes – Ladybank – Cupar – Strathkinnes – St Andrews

At Fife Council's request, some evening journeys will be rerouted via Glenrothes Hospital.

66 Perth/Burnside - Auchtermuchty - Glenrothes

Service 66 timetable is unchanged however journeys that previously operated as service 36A on Saturdays will now operate as 66A. We will also be introducing through fare options from service 66 to Cupar and St Andrews. This should assist for those who previously used service 23 journeys that are no longer operating.

77/77B Gauldry – Wormit – Newport – Dundee – Invergowrie - link to new route 39 timetable from 15 August 2016

Service withdrawn and replaced by a revised Stragecoach Strathtay service 39/39A between Dundee and Gauldry or new service X53 between Dundee and Kingoodie.


81                           Parkneuk – Dunfermline – QM Hospital – Ballingry – Glenrothes

This will be rerouted via Halbeath village, partly replacing service 19, and serve Scott Street, Dunfermline in both directions. Some early morning and late evening journeys are extended to and from Dunfermline bus station. Other minor timetable amendments are made.


87 Dunfermline - Duloch Park Dalgety Bay North Queensferry

This Fife Council service will now additionally serve Sandpiper Drive (between Aberdour Road and Amazon Way roundabouts) but will follow a revised route in Dalgety Bay; Ridge Way, Moray Way South, Regents Way, Moray Way, Link Road. It will not turn at the Regents Way/Moray Way North Roundabout and return via Regents Way and Moray Way (southern part passing The Inches, The Bridges and Morlich Way). New service 7B will serve this section of road with improved frequencies.

A new evening and Sunday timetable will be introduced operating between Dunfermline bus station and Sandpiper Drive on an hourly basis.


92                           St Andrews University

Timetable revised for the next academic year. 


95/395                  Leven – Anstruther – Crail – St Andrews

Minor changes to times and school journeys.

97 Leven - Upper Largo - St Andrews

This new service will replace the section of service X58 between St Andrews and Leven. Connections are available at Leven and through fares will be available to and from services 7, 7A, X58 and X60. Daytime frequency is generally hourly although at peak periods additional departures will operate.


201 Glenrothes – Leslie – Kinross

This service is financially supported by Perth & Kinross Council and will operate to a new timetable with amended route in Leslie and Kinross.


747                         Halbeath – Ferrytoll – Edinburgh Airport

This service will now operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week making life easier for those on an early flight, a delayed arrival or working at the airport.

Both Ferrytoll and Halbeath park and ride sites will now be open for parking 24 hours and so all journeys will serve both sites.

Journeys to and from Dunfermline will now operate via Halbeath Road to Dunfermline bus station and then via St Margarets Drive to St Leonards bus depot.

A new Edinburgh Airport express travel guide will be available detailing the best way to travel from main towns and cities across east Scotland and where to connect to Jet 747


Fife Council school services are subject to change from the beginning of the new term in August. Please contact your local authority for details of any changes during the school holidays.