Coronavirus Update Close

Following government announcements on the roadmap out of lockdown and plans to gradually restore greater normality to everyday lives, we're making plans to get more services back on the road, including school services from 8th March. Please continue to check our latest timetables page for more information.

Let's keep working together to make travel as safe as possible. We're still doing enhanced cleaning and limiting available seats. You can help by avoiding busy times, using contactless payment where you can, keeping your distance and taking your litter with you.

You must wear a face covering throughout your journey, unless you are exempt.

Find out more on our travelling safely pages for England, Wales and Scotland. You can keep up to date by checking our main Coronavirus page.

Fife in the fast lane

What's Fife's Best Kept Travel Secret?

Getting to and from Fife by public transport is better than ever, with easier connections, improved choice and flexible tickets.


How you'll benefit from the upgrades


The Forth Road Bridge is now open as a dedicated public transport corridor


The Forth Road Bridge is now available exclusively for buses, coaches taxis, motorbikes, cyclists, pedestrians and  emergency vehicles. This means our drivers can take advantage of much dedicated bus lanes to help shorten journey times.  Our Express services can go straight from Ferrytoll Park and Ride onto the Forth Road Bridge and join a bus lane at the other side before rejoining the traffic towards Edinburgh city centre/airport (and vice versa).  If there are traffic queues on the Queensferry Crossing, we'll be able to avoid the bulk of any congestion by using the Forth Road Bridge and these new bus lanes!


Leave your car behind at Halbeath P&R or Ferrytoll P&R



With changes to the road network in the area, access to Ferrytoll P&R has never been easier, and the site has recently been improved to provide more bus stances too.  There are 1050 parking spaces at Ferrytoll P&R and a further 1021 spaces at Halbeath P&R.  Both P&R sites have comfortable, safe waiting facilities and are staffed between the hours of 0600 and 0000 (Monday to Saturday, 0900 to 1900 on Sunday) by our local team to help you find the right bus for your journey. 


Both P&R sites are served by our Express City Connect network, along with a number of local bus services providing quick, easy and   regular journeys into Edinburgh, offering you greater flexibility and a hassle free commute.



Plan your journey 


There are plenty of locations you can leave your car behind and jump on the bus or train, or connect between both modes for your journey. Not sure which mode of travel is best for you? Use the Traveline Journey Planner.


You can also use the Stagecoach journey planner to work out the best trip by bus using our services - travel from A to B, even if you're at Z!


Onward travel


Our JET747 service provides a regular link to Edinburgh Airport from Fife and stops at both P&R sites. Find out more about the JET747 service.

Many other services also stop at rail stations across the East of Scotland, meaning you can easily connect with the rail network for travel further afield. 

View the integrated transport map to see how some of our Express City Connect services connect at key rail stations across Fife, but please note other local bus services may also stop at rail stations, you can use the Traveline Journey Planner to plan your journey across both modes.


Travel smart


Smart travel is about providing modern, digital or electronic options for payment or tickets when travelling on public transport.


Here at Stagecoach, you can load your ticket onto one of our StagecoachSmart cards, or you can download the Stagecoach Bus app to buy and use your ticket through the app.


When you buy one of our megarider tickets online, if you don't already have one, you'll be sent a StagecoachSmart card with your ticket loaded onto it. If you already have one of our smart cards, you can load your megarider product directly onto it. The same applies if you want to buy a ticket from the driver, we can issue you with a new smart card, or the driver can 'top up' the ticket onto your existing StagecoachSmart card.


We aim to provide the best fit technology for your smart journey - connecting you with easier payment methods for public transport and this means trialling new payment methods and smart ticketing solutions. We're still working on it, but soon you'll be able to load other types of smart card with our megarider ticket products, and you'll be able to use your StagecoachSmart card for other modes of transport too.




You can now pay using contactless technology on all of our services! If you already use Apple Pay or Google Pay on your smart device, or if you have a contactless-enabled bank card, it's easy to 'tap and go' with Stagecoach.


How to use contactless