Timetable changes for November 2017

Service changes from Monday 14 May 

After reviewing our network of services across East Scotland, we have provided below a list of service changes to come into effect from Monday 14 May.

We would like to thank our customers for getting involved in our consultation process, which has now closed. Confirmed service and timetable changes can be found below:


Fife Area


Service 2A: Amazon – Duloch Park – Ferrytoll P&R

Revised route and timetable, operating as service X2.  The route will run as a circular to/from Ferrytoll P&R via A823(M), Castle Drive, Lapwing Drive, Sandpiper Drive (for Amazon), Dunlin Drive, Greenshank Drive, Aberdour Road, Masterton Road, Castle Drive and back to Ferrytoll P&R.  Rosyth and Halbeath P&R will no longer be served.  

Reason: To better reflect customer demand by focusing this service on the Amazon/Duloch Park to Ferrytoll section.  Running via the A823(M) will provide a faster journey for commuters and Amazon workers connecting with Express services at Ferrytoll. Service 33 provides replacement links from Amazon to/from Halbeath.


Service 3/3A: Townhill – Dunfermline – Duloch Park 

Revised timetable, with additional journeys serving Amazon, numbered 3B. 3C afternoon journey withdrawn.

Reason: Revised timetable to allow for start / finish times at Amazon.


Service 4: Dunfermline – Oakley – Blairhall 

On weekdays, the 0657 & 0740 Dunfermline to Oakley and 0712 & 0755 Oakley to Dunfermline journeys will run 10 minutes earlier.

Reason: To improve reliability on a following school bus journey.


Service 6:  Crombie – Dunfermline – Oakley 

On weekdays, the 0657 & 0740 Dunfermline to Oakley and 0712 & 0755 Oakley to Dunfermline journeys now run 10 minutes earlier.

Reason: To improve reliability on a following school bus journey.


Service 7: Dunfermline – Kirkcaldy – Leven

Revised timetable.

Reason: Following the August 2016 network revision, this service experienced significant reliability issues necessitating a further timetable change to be introduced in October of that year.  This timetable adjustment resolved the reliability issues but resulted in the service no longer being coordinated with services 7A and 7B as originally envisaged.  The proposed new timetable restores the coordination between services to give a better spread of journeys on the busy Dunfermline – Dalgety Bay and Kirkcaldy – Leven ends of the route.    


Service 7A: Kirkcaldy – Leven

Revised timetable.

Reason: To coordinate with revised service 7 giving a better spread of journeys between Kirkcaldy and Leven.


Service 7B: Kelty – Dunfermline – Dalgety Bay

Minor timetable revisions, including the withdrawal of Sunday service 7C.  Service 7C journeys will be replaced by service 7B journeys between Dunfermline and Kelty.  The Sunday timetable will be revised to coordinate with service 33 between Dunfermline bus station and Queen Margaret Hospital.

Reason: To coordinate with other changes on the network.  Service 7C was introduced in August 2016 to provide Camdean with two buses per hour on Sundays, in common with Monday to Saturday, but passenger numbers are not sufficient to justify its continued provision.  Camdean will therefore be served hourly on Sundays by service 7.


Service 8/8A: Dunfermline – High Valleyfield – Kincardine – Alloa 

Some Monday to Saturday service 8A journeys will be diverted via Culross, and be numbered 8B.  Sunday journeys serving Culross and Alloa renumbered to 8B for consistency.

Reason: Following passenger requests for better links between Culross and Kincardine.


Service 11/12: Kirkcaldy – Templehall – Fife Central Retail Park  

During the main daytime period, Service 11 will depart from Kirkcaldy Bus Station at 10 and 40 minutes past the hour and Service 12 will depart from Kirkcaldy Bus Station at 25 and 55 minutes past the hour.

The Service 11 outbound route from Kirkcaldy Bus Station to Fife Central Retail Park is unchanged.  The Service 11 return route from Fife Central Retail Park to Kirkcaldy Bus Station will now be via Chapel Level, Birnam Road Shops, Brodick Road Shops and Valley Gardens.

The Service 12 outbound route from Kirkcaldy Bus Station to Fife Central Retail Park omits Ferrard Road on the way to the Retail Park, but serves on the way back. Service 12 will no longer continue to Glen Bruar Place, but will now return to Kirkcaldy Bus Station via Chapel Level, Redcraigs, Newliston Drive, Glamis Road turning circle, Brodick Road Shops, Bennochy Road Lomond Gardens and Ferrard Rd Aldi.

Glen Bruar Place will now be served by Service X37 during the main daytime period on Monday to Saturday and Service 32A on Monday to Saturday evenings and on Sundays.

Reason: Reduced frequency to match decreasing passenger demand.


Service 14: Kirkcaldy – Dunnikier Estate

Minor timetable changes with some early morning and mid evening journeys withdrawn. The daytime service will be diverted via Hayfield Road and Whytemans’ Brae to provide a link with Victoria Hospital and replace service X53.  Evening and Sunday service to operate via Templehall Avenue rather than Hendry Road (as service 14A). During consultation, the service has been rerouted via Whyteman’s Brae and Hayfield Road, with the X27 now stopping on Hendry Road and an additional journey has been added departing Kirkcaldy bus station at1740 Monday – Friday.

Reasonl: Withdrawn journeys due to very low usage. Other journeys revised as part of wider network changes.


Service 15: Kirkcaldy – Templehall – Fife Central Retail Park – Chapel

Service replaced by extended service X37. Evening and Sunday service replaced by a combination of services 14A (Templehall), 32A (Glen Bruar Place) and 33/33B (Templehall/Harris Drive).

Reason: Revision introduces a new direct links between Glenrothes and Gallatown through to Fife Central Retail Park.  The route between Kirkcaldy bus station and Chapel will remain the same.


Service 19: Rosyth – Dunfermline – Halbeath P&R – Cowdenbeath – Ballingry

Reduce frequency between Rosyth and Dunfermline to every 20 minutes.  Alternate daytime journeys between Dunfermline and Ballingry will serve Fife Leisure Park (numbered 19) or Hill of Beath (numbered 19A), to give a 20 minute frequency to each.  Early morning and evening journeys (numbered 19B) will serve both Fife Leisure Park and Hill of Beath.  Monday to Friday journeys to/from Rosyth Dockyard, via Kings Road, are renumbered 19D.  Most journeys to/from Amazon will be withdrawn, with replacement links available on service 3B and 33.

Reason: Service 19 has been running to a 10 minute frequency for many years and remains a popular service, but usage of this service has declined as new services have developed and the local economy has changed.  In particular, the improvements in recent years to Edinburgh and Dalgety Bay services passing through Rosyth means this end of the route is now somewhat over-bussed with up to 13 journeys per hour between the bus station and Rosyth Crossroads.  The rerouting of the service via Fife Leisure Park will improve access to this facility compared to those currently offered by service 33, while service 33 will also serve Hill of Beath. There are some revisions around Rosyth Dockyard start/finish times and Amazon start/finish times.


New Service 31: Glenrothes – Bankhead – Stenton – Glenrothes Asda

New service operating up to every 30 minutes, Monday to Saturday, between Glenrothes bus station, Bankhead and Stenton.

Reason: To replace links currently provided on service 32.  Service 32 will no longer serve the Bankhead and Stenton loop.   


Service 32: Kirkcaldy – Cardenden – Kinglassie – Glenrothes

Discontinue Bankhead and Stenton loop on daytime journeys with new service 31 replacing this at a higher frequency. Evening and Sunday journeys will operate as service 32A and additionally serve Glen Bruar Place in Kirkcaldy replacing service 15A.     

Reason: To improve efficiency and reliability. Spread of departures between Kirkcaldy and Cardenden (32 and 33/33A/33B) is improved.


Service 33/33A: Kirkcaldy – Cardenden – Cowdenbeath – Halbeath P&R – Dunfermline

Reroute via Halbeath bypass instead of Fife Leisure Park and all journeys will now serve Hill of Beath.  Service 33 journeys will serve Alderston Drive.  Evening service 33B will now serve Harris Drive in Kirkcaldy, but is otherwise unchanged.  The Sunday timetable on service 33 is revised to co-ordinate with service 32, and will also serve Harris Drive.

Reason: To improve reliability, the route will no longer serve Fife Leisure Park, which will be covered by revised service 19, but all journeys now serve Hill of Beath improving links to health facilities in Cowdenbeath and Dunfermline. Journeys via Alderston Drive replace service 81.   


Service 37: Glenrothes bus station – Cadham – Glenrothes bus station - Asda

Service to operate throughout the day with an improved frequency of up to every 15 minutes between the bus station and Asda/Morrisons. This partly replaces service X37 on daytime journeys from Asda to Collydean, Balfarg and Cadham.

Reason: Service X37 is revised to operate in a anticlockwise loop of North Glenrothes only throughout the daytime with service 37A introduced in a clockwise direction continuing the links to and from Asda. Those travelling to Asda from North Glenrothes will have to board on the opposite side of the road to present with the link now being a one way circular route. See service X37 for more details of services in North Glenrothes.


Service 39/39A/39B/39C/39D: Kirkcaldy – Thornton – Glenrothes – Leslie/Newcastle

Revised timetable with minor route revisions. Certain 39B journeys are now routed via Kirkcaldy Oswald Road and Park Road replacing service 41, these are numbered 39B. Service 39 journeys maintain the link to St Clair Street. The route of Evening and Sunday journeys is altered to improve the connectivity of Leslie/Newcastle to Glenrothes; these journeys are numbered 39C/39D.

Reason: Partly to improve reliability, offer improved frequencies in the Gallatown area and also to improve connections in the evenings and Sunday.


Service 41/41A/41B/41C: Kirkcaldy/Leven – Kennoway – Leven

Revised routing with services all following the current evening routing via St Clair Street, Kirkcaldy, and omitting Robertson Road, Cupar. Timings will be subject to minor changes as a result. Saturday afternoon timetable is also amended with 1510 and 1610 ex Kirkcaldy combined into a 1540 journey and the 1611 and 1711 journeys from Cupar combined into a 1641 journey.

Reason: Service 39B will offer an improved frequency for Gallatown area of Kirkcaldy. Timing constraints on the remainder of the trip no longer allow sufficient time to serve Robertson Road and maintain a reliable timetable.


Service 42/42B: St Andrews – Tayport – Dundee

Minor revisions to timetable, including retiming of early morning and early evening journeys.  During consultation the service has been rerouted within Dundee city centre to omit Commercial Street and Seagate to improve reliability.

Reason: To co-ordinate with changes on service 77 and improve reliability with the city centre


Service 49A: Kennoway – Buckhaven – Leven – Mountfleurie

Withdraw the 0625 journey from Leven bus station.

Reason: Very low passenger numbers.  


Service 77/77B: Dundee – Newport – Gauldry/Wormit

Withdraw the daytime service 77B journeys. Some early morning and evening journeys retimed.

Reason: Low passenger numbers.  Fife Council tendered service 92 provides an alternative facility covering much of the 77B route within Newport, from which passengers can interchange to Stagecoach services 77 and X54 to Dundee at Newport High Street. Contracted evening journeys will remain unaffected. During consultation the service has been rerouted within Dundee city centre to omit Commercial Street and Seagate to improve reliability.


Service 81: Parkneuk – Dunfermline – QMH – Cowdenbeath – Ballingry – Glenrothes

Divert from Alderston Drive to run via Robertson Road, and also serve Pilmuir Street and Broomhead Drive.

Reason: Following requests, the service will once again serve Broomhead Drive.  To enable this, the route is withdrawn from Alderston Drive, which will be served by the 33.


Service 97: Leven – Largoward – St Andrews

Introduce new journeys on weekdays: 0800 St Andrews to Leven; 1530 St Andrews to Leven (school holidays only); and 1635 Leven to St Andrews (school holidays only).

Reason: To provide extra journeys at busy times and fill gaps on school holidays when service 98 does not run. 


Services 107, 108, 150 & 173 workers’ buses

Withdraw services.

Reason: Low passenger numbers, more variable shifts at the employment sites these routes serve and availability of other more comprehensive local services in these areas means the continued operation of these services is no longer viable.


Service 330: Blairingone – Dollar

Withdraw service.

Reason: Trial commercial extension of an existing school contract.  Loss of Dollar Academy journeys means this is no longer viable.   


Services X4: Leven - Glenrothes

Reintroduce service X4, following the current X26 routing between Leven and Glenrothes bus station. This replaces the X26 but is timed to offer connections at Glenrothes with express services to and from Glasgow.

Reason: Part of a wider review of the express network. Service X26 will be rerouted to serve Dundee opening new journey opportunities whilst most X4 journeys will utilise vehicles more suitable for the busy roads around Markinch which have proven difficult for coaches. Some X4 journeys will offer a through service, without changing vehicles, on to Glasgow whilst all journeys will offer through ticketing.


Services X5: Dunfermline – Halbeath P&R – Ferrytoll P&R – non-stop to Edinburgh

Withdraw the following journeys: 0600 Dunfermline to Edinburgh; 1720 Halbeath P&R to Edinburgh; 1615 & 1840 Edinburgh to Halbeath P&R.

Reason: Low passenger numbers on these dedicated park & ride journeys which are outside of the busiest ‘peak of peak’ commuter times means their continued operation is no longer viable.  Frequent alternative services exist on the main Express City Connect services.  


Service X24: St Andrews – Cupar – Glenrothes – Dunfermline – Kincardine – Glasgow Airport

The 0725 Dunfermline to St Andrews Monday to Friday journey is extended to start from Kincardine at 0700.  The service now calls at the Cairneyhill, Glen Moriston Drive bus stops.

Reason: To reinstate the direct link to Glenrothes from West Fife at this time of morning that was lost in November 2017 when this journey was curtailed to start from Dunfermline instead of Glasgow.  Stops added at Cairneyhill to serve new housing in the area.   


Service X26: Dundee – Glenrothes – Dunfermline – Kincardine – Glasgow

Revised route to operate from Glenrothes to Dundee via Pitlessie and Cupar. Combined with service X54 this will offer two express journeys an hour between Glenrothes, Cupar and Dundee. Service between Glenrothes and Leven is replaced by hourly service X4 (see above).  The service now calls at the Cairneyhill, Glen Moriston Drive bus stops.

Reason: The revised express network will open up links from Forth Valley and West Fife to Dundee. Whilst passenger numbers from Leven to Glasgow are low the provision of the X4 connections, and a small number of direct services, will offer an alternative.


Service X27: Kirkcaldy – Dunfermline – Kincardine – Glasgow

Small number of changes to early morning and evening journeys with some now no longer extending to/from Leven.  During consultation it was requested that the service call at Cairneyhill, Glen Moriston Drive bus stops, and the Hendry Road in Kirkcaldy bus stops. Both these requests have been added.

Reason: To reflect the current usage of the service.


Service X37: Chapel – Fife Central Retail Park – Kirkcaldy – Glenrothes

Service to extend to Fife Central Retail Park and Chapel via the current service 15 route.  The link between North Glenrothes and Asda/Morrisons will continue to be provided by the improved service 37A. Services to Kirkcaldy and from Kirkcaldy will operate in a one way loop around Cadham, Balfarg, Pitcairn and Collydean with the 37A operating in the alternative direction.

Reason: To provide direct journeys from Glenrothes to Fife Central Retail Park in response to customer requests.  There are minor changes to evening and Sunday service 37/37A journeys with journeys previously withdrawn now reinstated. 


Service X51: Dunfermline – Ferrytoll P&R – Livingston – Harthill – Eurocentral – Glasgow

Extend service to Glasgow via Harthill and Eurocentral. During consultation we were approached regarding routing the service via Deer Park in Livingston. As there was time available in the timetable, this request has been incorporated.

Reason: By introducing an extended route and peak time journeys from Fife we hope to attract new customers to this service. For the first time Ferrytoll will offer departures to Glasgow, improving connectivity for Dalgety Bay, Inverkeithing and Rosyth. The extended routing will serve the Kirkton industrial area of Livingston in addition to the employment area at Eurocentral prior to reaching Glasgow via the newly enhanced M8. This will also create new bus links between Livingston and both Eurocentral and Glasgow which are not catered for at the current time. The current hourly frequency is maintained..


Service X53: Glenrothes – Cupar – Dundee – Ninewells Hospital

Proposal: Daytime journeys replaced by improved express services X26 and X54. Invergowrie and Kingoodie will be served by improved services 39/39A.

Reason for proposal: Whilst this service proves a number of useful links it does not offer particularly fast end to end journey times and this detracts from its attractiveness. The combination of revised services X26 and X54 connecting with the X37 at Glenrothes will offer substantially faster journey times between Kirkcaldy and Dundee albeit regarding a change of vehicles at Glenrothes bus station. Service X54 will be rerouted via Ladybank, Cupar and Newport after requests following the 2016 changes whilst it will extend in Dundee to serve Ninewells Hospital. Evening journeys on the service 53 will remain in place. The current frequencies between Glenrothes, Cupar, Dundee and Ninewells would remain as present.


Service X54: Dundee – Cupar – Glenrothes – Halbeath P&R – Ferrytoll P&R – Edinburgh

Shorten journey times between Edinburgh and Glenrothes through discontinuing the diversion via Thornton. From Glenrothes to Dundee it will follow the current X53 routing and then extend from the city centre to Ninewells Hospital. The current route via Pitlessie will be replaced by revised service X26.

Reason: The route was revised to serve Thornton in June 2017 in response to customer requests for a direct service between Thornton and Edinburgh, following the withdrawal of service X61 in August 2016 which provided such a link.  However usage from Thornton is still relatively low. As a result we are able to route via Ladybank due to numerous requests for the Edinburgh facility from this location.


Service X56: Perth – Kinross – Kelty – Halbeath P&R – Ferrytoll P&R – non-stop to Edinburgh

Reduce journey times between Ferrytoll P&R and West End Queensferry Street, with minor adjustments to the timetable as a result.

Reason: To provide a faster journey for customers travelling the full route from Perth. 




Service X58/X60: St Andrews – Leven – Kirkcaldy – Ferrytoll P&R – Edinburgh

Following the re-opening of Hope Street in Inverkeithing, which was partially closed for work on the railway bridge, the route will revert to serving Inverkeithing Square and Hope Street.  During consultation the service X60 was rerouted to serve Dalgety Bay, Western Access Road, Meadowfield, Pentland Rise and Eastern Access Road bus stops, but will not run via Inverkeithing, Hillend Road.

Reason: Restoration of previous links following roadworks.



Perth & Blairgowrie area


Service 4: Inveralmond – Perth   

Monday to Friday 0750 Inveralmond to Perth te-timed to operate 8 mins earlier.

Reason: Due to timetable changes on other services.


Service 8/9: North Muirton – Perth – Aviva   

Revised timetable, with the off-peak frequency reduced slightly from every 10 to every 12 minutes.  The peak time frequency will remain up to every 10 minutes.

Reason: To address reliability issues experienced since the November 2017 timetable change by giving buses more time to complete their journeys.    


Service 16: Dundee – Incture – Perth 

Service replaced by extended service 39.

Reason: To improve efficiency and effectiveness through better use of resources by enabling this service to be operated by Arbroath depot as an extension of service 39. 


Service 56: Dunfermline – Kelty – Kinross – Bridge of Earn – Perth  

Extend to Dunfermline.

Reason: To meet customer requests for a direct link from Kinross to Dunfermline. 


Service 57: Dundee – Blairgowrie – Perth  

Revised timetable, with all journeys retimed between Blairgowrie and Lochee High Street in both directions.  The 0658 Alyth to Perth and 0815 Perth to Blairgowrie Saturday journeys will run 10 minutes earlier.  Saturday evening journeys contracted by Perth & Kinross Council are no longer operated by Stagecoach and will instead be operated by Xplore Dundee.

Reason: To provide more time for buses to get through Lochee High Street.  The Saturday morning amendment will give an earlier arrival time into Blairgowrie for those starting work at 0900.


Service 59: Dundee – Coupar Angus – Blairgowrie   

Revised timetable, with most journeys departing Blairgowrie Wellmeadow 2 minutes earlier and arriving at Wellmeadow 2 minutes later.  In addition the 0843 Blairgowrie Wellmeadow to Dundee journey now operates via the normal route to Coupar Angus instead of diverting via Blairgowrie Community Campus.

Reason: To improve punctuality on Service 59.


Service 60: Blairgowrie - Dunkeld   

Saturday journeys withdrawn.

Reason: End of council tender.


Service X56: Perth – Kinross – Kelty – Halbeath P&R – Ferrytoll P&R – non-stop to Edinburgh

Reduce journey times between Ferrytoll P&R and West End Queensferry Street, with minor adjustments to the timetable as a result.

Reason: To provide a faster journey for customers travelling the full route from Perth. 


Dundee & Angus area


Service 20/21: Dundee – Forfar – Kirriemuir or Edzell  

Minor timetable adjustments to some afternoon peak time journeys and evening journeys.  Morning journey via Dundee College (Kingsway) renumbered 20D, and runs via Provost Road and Dens Road instead of Clepington Road and Arklay Street.  Afternoon journey from Dundee at 1555 retimed to 1600, and runs via Dundee College (Kingsway) on college days as service 21D.

Reason: To improve reliability and provide service to college students following request.


Service 27: Forfar – Letham – Arbroath   

Minor timetable amendments to include some additional journeys serving Cliffburn.  Late evening journey from Forfar retimed to maintain connection with service 20 from Dundee.

Reason: To provide alternative facilities at key times in place of service 44, which we propose to withdraw.


New Service 30: Edzell – Brechin – Montrose – Arbroath    

Reintroduce this service that was amalgamated into service 39 in August 2017. An additional morning peak journey from Brechin to Arbroath is introduced for commuters and students.

Reason: Services 30 & 39 were previously merged to enable through journeys at Arbroath without having to change bus.  Whilst this was welcomed by many there have been ongoing issues with the use of double deckers on the route, necessary for demand on some journeys, and the low bridge at Inverkeilor. We therefore plan to reintroduce service 30 between Arbroath and Edzell/Stracathro Hospital, with service 39 operating to/from Arbroath only, so that double deck buses can be used on the busy service 39 route as required. Frequency remains hourly. During consultation it was requested that the route diverts via Seaton Road, St Ninians Road, Cliffburn Road then into Arbroath bus station and the reverse back out.


Service 32: Midgrip Cottages – Montrose – Angus College    

Service continues but is renumbered 30C as part of the new 30 timetable (see above)

Reason: Wider revision of the coastal corridor and travel options for college students.


Service 39: Arbroath – Dundee – Inchture – Errol – Perth      

Extend service to Perth, replacing service 16.  Terminate all journeys at Arbroath, with the section to Edzell/Stracathro Hospital replaced by new service 30. During consultation Perth and Kinross tenders were awarded; the 2335 Perth to Invergowrie on a Friday and Saturday were not retendered therefore these journeys have been removed.

Reason: Between Dundee and Perth, the service will be extended following the service 16 route to replace this service. This will offer a combination of three journeys per hour (combined with X7) between Arbroath and Ninewells Hospital. Some journeys will then extend to Kingoodie, replacing service X53, via the Technology Park, replacing the X8.


Service 43/43A: Arbroath – Kirkton & Timmergreens

Revised route and timetable

Reason: Following customer requests, the route and timetable has been revised to serve Morrisons.


Service 44: Arbroath – Cliffburn

Withdraw service.

Reason: Passenger numbers on service 44 are low and therefore Cliffburn can no longer sustain a combined half hourly service (services 27 and 44 at present).  We therefore intend to withdraw this service whilst introducing some additional service 27 journeys added at key times. During consultation the service 30 was rerouted to cover part of the withdrawn route.


Service 75: Ethiebeaton Park – Broughty Ferry – Dundee

Revised timetable.  The 1710 journey from Dundee to Arbroath will run unchanged.  In the morning, a journey will run from Grange Road at 0757 to Ethiebeaton Park to connect with a service 73 journey.  The off-peak journeys will be retimed. During consultation we were able to maintain a revised daytime timetable for the 75.


Service X7: Aberdeen – Stonehaven – Montrose – Arbroath – Dundee – Perth 

This service will be revised to serve the stops at Glendoick (Garden Centre stop towards Dundee and Glendoick Flyover stop towards Perth).  Additional journeys added at 0645 & 0732 (M-F) from Perth PRI to Dundee and 1720 (M-F) Dundee to Perth.  During consultation it was requested that the service now serve Ethiebeaton Park. Additional journeys added at 0645 from Perth Royal Infirmary to Dundee Monday – Saturday, 0732 from Perth Royal Infirmary into Dundee and a return journey at 1720 from Dundee to Perth Royal Infirmary on a Monday – Friday.

Reason: To replace links provided by X8.


Service X8: Arbroath – Dundee – Perth 

Withdraw service.

Reason: This service was introduced to supplement service X7 along the busy Arbroath – Dundee section of route, to promote passenger growth.  However the additional capacity has proved mostly unneeded and passenger numbers have not grown adequately to justify its continued provision.  It is therefore proposed this service be withdrawn, with service X7 maintaining the link for Glendoick and service 39A offering links to the Technology Park.  Some extra peak-time journeys will also be introduced on service X7.