Bedfordshire termrider – save with a termrider ticket

If you're aged 18 or under and in full time education, we've got just the ticket! Our  termriders give you unlimited bus travel during term times!

Why you'll love your termrider

You'll love your termrider as it offers:

  • unlimited travel at weekends and in the evenings
  • the same price each term - spread the total cost evenly
  • cheaper than buying lots of day tickets

When can you use your termrider

You can buy and use your termrider ticket for each term. Our tickets cover the following term dates:

Autumn Term (2017/18): 4 September 2017 to 19 December 2017. 

Winter Term (2017/18): 3 January 2018 to 29 March 2018. 

Summer Term (2017/18): 17 April 2018 to 20 July 2018. 

Termriders are only valid at weekends during term time only and during half term. Tickets are not valid between terms.

Who can buy a Smart termrider ticket

Anyone aged 18 or under and in full-time education can buy and use a termrider ticket. 

Your termrider can only be used by you - it's non-transferable.

We have two tickets available for Bedfordshire:

Bedford termrider tickets are £180 per term.

Bedfordshire termrider plus tickets are £295   per term.


There will be available to buy online from   10:00  on   11 December 2017 . Check back here for updates.


Where can you use your smart termrider

Bedford termrider tickets are valid within the Bedford Megarider area but they are not valid for use on the X5 service.

Bedfordshire termrider plus tickets are valid within the Bedfordshire Megarider Plus area * as well as on the X5 between St. Neots and Milton Keynes Rail Station

*excluding Route 99

Bedfordshire termrider & termrider plus tickets are NOT valid for travel on the 800 school services. Those who wish to travel on those services can find instructions for this further down the page.


If you intend to travel on the X5 service outside of Bedfordshire, or on Route 99, you'll need to purchase an East Megarider Gold ticket (which is available to bus weekly, 4 weekly and as an Xtra ticket).

For more details on how to purchase  East Megarider Gold tickets, please visit our tickets page.


How to buy your smart termrider

Our termrider tickets will be available to purchase online from 10:00  on   11 December 2017. 

Click here to visit our termrider product page


  Bedfordshire 800 School Routes

For students who intend to travel on the 800 school buses to and from college, we will be selling special Bedfordshire 800s termrider and Bedfordshire 800s termrider plus  tickets from Elstow Park & Ride site. 

The Bedfordshire 800s termrider will cost £180 per term and is valid on your nominated 800 school route as well as service buses within the Bedford megarider area.

The Bedfordshire 800s termrider plus will cost £295 per term and is valid on your nominated 800 school route as we all service buses in the Bedfordshire megarider plus area (including the X5 between St. Neots and Milton Keynes rail station).


These are available to purchase from Elstow Park & Ride site on the following dates:

Saturday 16 December - 09:00 - 13:00
Monday 18 December - 07:00 - 15:00
Tuesday 19 December - 13:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 20 December - 07:00 - 15:00
Thursday 21 December - 13:00 - 20:00
Friday 22 December - 07:00 - 15:00 


These tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis and guarantee a seat on your desired bus. 

For those intending to purchase a Bedfordshire 800s termriders, please ensure you bring a passport photo of the student to be used on the photo pass.