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Long term changes to routes 47 and 53 in London

We’ve made changes to Stagecoach’s 47 and 53 bus routes in London. These changes are due to long term road works and avoid buses being caught in congested areas. 

Find out how these changes affect your travel plans.

Changes to route 47

Due to long term road works on the Inner Ring Road, buses will:

  • terminate at Liverpool Street Bus Station instead of Shoreditch
  • use Wormwood Street (Stop W) and Old Broad Street to reach the bus station from Bishopsgate
  • stop at Sun Street Passage (Stop B) and Wormwood Street (Stop Y) when departing from Liverpool Street

Changes to route 53

Due to long term road works in Haymarket:

  • buses will terminate at Lambeth North instead of Whitehall 
  • the last stop on the route will be Lower Marsh (Stop A)
  • the first stop on the return towards Plumstead will be Stop K