Coronavirus Update Close

We know many of you will be looking for information for how lockdown will affect our services. We're working hard to keep our services running for essential journeys, however there may have been some changes to timetables in your area. Please check our latest timetables for more information.

We've put in place measures to allow you to travel safely including limiting available seats on buses and enhanced cleaning. Please avoid busy times, use contactless payment where you can, keep your distance and take your litter with you. You can keep up to date checking our main Coronavirus page.

You must wear a face covering throughout your journey, unless you are exempt. Find out more on our travelling safely pages for England, Wales and Scotland.

Discounted tickets through your employer

Stagecoach bus travel for University of Manchester employees

Travel with confidence by bus

We're doing everything we can to let you buy your bus pass with the confidence that each and every journey you make is a safe one.

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Catch the bus save up to £236* off your Stagecoach bus travel.

Tickets offer unlimited travel  at any time on Stagecoach and Magic buses throughout Greater Manchester. Use your ticket to:

  • travel to work
  • for your leisure journeys in the evenings and weekends

image of people wearing masks on bus
BEST VALUE- SAVE £236*: Annual megarider £570

Save £25 off the normal price £595.

Apply to The University of Manchester for an interest free loan and ticket. The cost of the ticket will be deducted from your pay over 12 months.


SAVE £65*: 28 day megarider only £57

Save £5 each month off the normal price  £62


SAVE £36.40*: 7 day megarider only £15.80

Save 70p off the normal price £16.50


How to buy your 7 and 28 day discounted travel

  • Create a Stagecoach Bus account using your, or       email address
  • Make a note of the valid discount code below for the ticket you would like to buy.
  • Enter the valid code in the discount box before checkout to receive the saving.

Which bus do I catch?

If you’re not sure which bus to catch you can plan your journey  online or on the Stagecoach Bus App. Our App will give you live bus times so you know when you bus will arrive and our Busy Bus indicator lets you know which buses are a little quieter. 


28 day megarider discount code

  • Code: 10 Jan 2021 - 6 Feb 2021:   MCRBUS28DAYORANGE
  • Code: 7 Feb 2021 - 6 March 2021:   MCRBUS28DAYFIG
  • Click here to select the tickets section of the website and the 28 day megarider   (£62) under "longer than a  week"  
  • Enter the valid code in the discount box before checkout to receive the £5 saving  

This discount code will be updated every four weeks
The discount code can be used to purchase one 28 day megarider ticket only

 7 day megarider discount code

  • Code: 10 Jan 2021 - 6 Feb 2021:   MCRBUS7DAYORANGE
  • Code: 7 Feb 2021 - 6 March 2021:   MCRBUS7DAYFIG
  • To buy   on   StagecoachSmart   card   click here    to select the tickets section of the website  and select the  7 day megarider (£16.50) under "weekly tickets" 
  • On  the Stagecoach Bus App    tap on the "Buy"   icon    and select    the     7 day   megarider   (£16.50)  under the  "weekly" tickets   heading.
  • Enter the valid code in the discount box before checkout to receive the   70p    saving  

This discount code will be updated every four weeks
The discount code can be used to purchase four 7 day megarider tickets.


Don’t need to travel every day?

Then our Flexi 5   Day ticket could be perfect for you! 

It’s ideal for part-time or shift workers or anyone who doesn’t need to travel on the bus every day. Exclusive on the Stagecoach Bus App, Flexi 5 gives you  five Manchester dayrider tickets for the price of four.

You only pay £20 and Save £5.

image of Flexi 5 Day ticket


Stagecoach Rewards

Your route to big savings by bus.

Use your Stagecoach ticket as a route to big savings of  up to 50% off meals out, 38% off cinema tickets and a fabulous 40% off Hussle Gym memberships. 

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Stagecoach rewards cinema



Free campus travel for University of Manchester students and staff

Travel reinstated from Monday 21 September 2020. If you are a student or member of staff from University of Manchester you may travel free between the North and South Campus on magic bus 147.  Just show your University ID to the driver. 

Free travel will be available from the following stops only:

From South Campus to North Campus
1. University (outside Students Union)
2. University (near Booth Street West)
You can travel as far as Sackville Gardens (Whitworth Street).

From North Campus to South Campus
3. University (Vimto Park)
4. Conference Centre (Charles Street)
You can travel as far as the  University (outside Stopford Building).

You can check the area of free travel on the magic bus 147 zone map.
If you are travelling outside the campus area you will need to pay for your journey or hold a valid ticket.

Ordering your ticket as a StagecoachSmart card

  • If you already have a StagecoachSmart card you can register your card to your account and load your discounted tickets to this card.
    The  card serial number  is the  18 digit  number  in the  middle of the card similar to: 633597 0127   1234   5678
  • If you don’t have a StagecoachSmart  card you may apply for a new card with your first purchase.
  • Once you have a StagecoachSmart card you can load your next 7 day or 28 day megarider purchase on to your registered card.

Student on bus
This discount code is not working?

If you are having a difficulty using the discount code please double check you are using:

  • the valid code
  • an account with a, or email address
  • you have not already used the code to purchase a ticket

Still having a problem?

Contact our Customer Service Team during office hours on 0161 273 3377 or email us at   [email protected]

If you purchase a ticket for the full price  we cannot offer you the discount once you have bought your ticket.


What happens if my StagecoachSmart card is lost, stolen or faulty?

image of bus from cafe

Contact us for a free StagecoachSmart Card replacement.

 Annual megarider

Contact [email protected] or call 0161 273 3377 during office hours Monday to Friday.

7 and 28 day megarider purchased on a smart card 

Use the ‘my account’ section of the website or contact the StagecoachSmart Helpdesk on 0345 810 1000, open up to 10pm every day.

Where there are 5 or more days left on a ticket, we will transfer this to a new card and issue to the delivery address provided. Please note it can take 3 working days for this to arrive.


Tickets purchased on the Stagecoach Bus App 

No replacement tickets are available for mobile tickets purchased on the Stagecoach Bus App. 

  *Ticket savings

13 x 28 day megariders purchased at £62, £806.    Annual megarider £570 saving £236. 
13 x 28 day megarider tickets purchased at £57, £741, saving £65.
52 x 7 day megarider  tickets  purchased at  £16.50,£858, saving £36.40