image for Stagecoach Manchester fare changes from 2 January 2019

Fare changes from Wednesday 2 January 2019

We are revising the cost of some of our fares from Wednesday 2 January 2019.

We have continued to making our single fares easier and cheaper for our customers across the Greater Manchester network and will be freezing the price of most single   fares from January 2019.

We are also freezing the fares on some of our route based tickets and for a second year running on our Annual megarider ticket, which works out at a daily cost of less   than £1.64* for unlimited travel on any Stagecoach Manchester bus.

The price of our dayrider, megarider 7 day, 28 day and Xtra tickets will increase.

You can see if the changes affect your journey by using the journey planner on our website or the Stagecoach Bus App.**

Single fares between midnight and 03:59

If you catch the bus after midnight our revised single fare for all journeys will be £2.50.


We appreciate that any price increases are unwelcome for customers. We will continue to work hard to provide good value for money fares and tickets that continue to offer some of the best value travel options in Greater Manchester.


* £1.64 based on Annual megarider pass £595 used for 364 days.

** When planning your journey please change your date of travel to after the 2 January 2019. Available after 12 December.

No changes to 

  • Most single fares
  • £2 single fare between 7pm and midnight
  • Annual megarider
  • Middleton 7 day
  • Magic dayrider, magicrider 7 day
  • Wigan dayrider, Wiganrider 7 day
  • Stepping Hill 7 day
  • School services provided under contract to TfGM
  • £1 fare for dogs
Manchester dayrider
  • Adult - £4.80
  • Child/Concessionary £2.40***
  • Group dayrider (2 adults and up to 3 children) - £10.00
  • Plus one dayrider (1 adult and 1 child)  - £6.50
Manchester megarider
  • adult 7 day - £16.00
  • adult 28 day megarider† - £60.00
  • adult megarider Xtra† - £60.00
  • easyrider Child/Concessionary - £8.00***
Route specific tickets
  • Middleton dayrider - £3.80
  • Service 38 7 day - £13.00

***- Concessionary fares within Greater Manchester. Valid for children under 11 and igo card holders. Also valid for TfGM orange concessionary card holders travelling before 09:30 Monday to Friday.  Fares vary for travel in Cheshire and Derbyshire.

 †  - Available online only.

As a result of these changes the prices of megarider tickets/vouchers purchased through employer schemes will also increase. Please contact your employer for details.