Fare changes

Fare Changes 28 October 2018

We are revising the cost of some of our fares  from Sunday 28 October 2018.

We are making our single fares on our Wigan network easier for customers, by having less price bands. This means the majority of our single fare journeys will be cheaper.

The price of Wigan dayrider and Wiganrider 7 day tickets will also change . You can see how the fares  affect your journey by using the journey planner on our website or the Stagecoach Bus App.*

We appreciate that any price increases are unwelcome for customers. We work hard to provide good value for money fares and tickets. 

* When planning your journey please change your date of travel to after the 28 October 2018. 

Changes to our Wigan tickets:

Wigan dayrider adult ticket - £4.20

Wiganrider 7 day ticket - £14.50

Wigan concessionary dayrider - £2.10


There are no changes to any other tickets.