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Request a replacement Manchester unirider ticket


Please fill in all the information to request a replacement uniriderpass from Stagecoach. By filling in this form, you’re confirming that the information is accurate and correct. 

All replacement tickets cost £25 and we can only issue one replacement in each academic year. We’ll contact you by email within one working day. 

You need to complete all areas marked with an asterisk (*) or we will not be able to process your request.

First name
This is the name on the ticket, not the person reporting it
Where was the original pass bought?
If purchased from a university, college or ticket agent, please provide the location
What was the email address you gave when you bought the pass?
Current email address
If different to the one you gave when you bought your pass
Full address
This is where you would like your replacement sent to
Please note - there is only one lost replacement pass available per academic year
Original ticket number
If known – unless purchased directly from your college or university in which case this must be provided
Crime reference number
If the pass was stolen please supply a crime reference number from the police.