Travel Smarter

Get it

Our adult 7 day tickets are  sold on a StagecoachSmart card, rather than a paper ticket. Your ticket will be loaded onto a StagecoachSmart card* when you buy an adult 7 day ticket on the bus or you can register and buy adult 7 day tickets online.

Keep it

Please keep hold of your StagecoachSmart card, it's yours to keep, and  you will need this card when you  buy your next adult 7 day ticket.

Reuse it

When you get on the bus simply place your smart card on top of the reader and wait for the green light to show before you remove  the card. Your StagecoachSmart card can be used time and time  again. If you have any problems, the driver will help you.

*there is a £1 non-refundable charge for all new StagecoachSmart cards issued on the bus

How to buy an adult 7 day ticket

Your ticket is loaded onto your StagecoachSmart card. You can ask the driver to add a new ticket to your card on the bus or you can buy a new ticket online.

When you buy online you can choose the start date for your new ticket but you do need to order your ticket in advance.


Don’t forget

You can also get discounts with longer term tickets (28 day megarider and megarider Xtra) when you buy online using your smart card.  




Register your smart card

Were you handed a StagecoachSmart card by the driver?

Please keep and register your new smart card to:

  • Help protect it against theft, loss or damage 

  • Quickly buy new tickets online    

  • Make use of our dedicated StagecoachSmart card helpline -   if your card isn’t registered we won’t be able to assist

Register now