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Welcome to the X34/34 service from Bryn and Leigh to Manchester

Travel between Bryn, Golborne, Lowton, Leigh, Boothstown and Manchester city centre  seven days a week.

Enjoy the ride on our brand new, reduced emissions buses with USB ports and free WiFi !

What makes the X34/34 perfect for your travel

The updated and improved X34/34 service is: 

  • faster – the X34/34 will get you to Manchester and back, quickly and conveniently seven days a week 
  • convenient – the X34/34 now stops in many popular places including Leigh, Boothstown, and Manchester city centre, and runs up to every twenty minutes throughout the day
  • improved  – the X34/34 has now been extended to serve Bryn and Lowton with select morning and evening services
  • greener – the new £1.5 million fleet of buses feature incredibly efficient Euro 6 engines which reduce carbon emissions dramatically
  • connected  – USB ports and free Wi-Fi are available on board 

When and where can I catch it? 

The X34/34 service arrives into Manchester city centre as early as 06:07 during the week and leaves as late as 23:30, Monday to Saturday. 

Service X34/34 runs up to every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday and up to every 30 minutes on Sunday and Bank Holidays. Use our "plan a journey" feature to plan your trip and see live journey times.

Both the X34 and 34 services stop at all bus stops between Bryn Station and the Boothstown, Leigh Road/Ellenbrook Road stop. 

The X34 service then stops at: 

  • East Lancs Road/Old Clough Lane 
  • East Lancs Road/Moorside Road
  • East Lancs Road/Hello Hotel 

The updated 34 service travels within Boothstown and Worsley, at all bus stops along: 

  • Leigh Road (5 stops)
  • Worsley Road (10 stops) 

The X34 and 34 services then rejoin at the East Lancs Road/Barton Road stop and stop at 

  • Pendleton Church 
  • Frederick Road 
  • Salford Crescent Train Station 
  • University of Salford 
  • Adelphi Street 
  • Salford Cathedral 
  • Salford Central Train Station 
  • Bridge Street 
  • John Dalton Street 
  • Albert Square Manchester
  • Piccadilly Gardens

Going the extra mile for you, literally

The X34/34 also operate at much earlier and later times throughout the week than many other public transport services.

Need to get home from Manchester after a late night out on a Saturday? Or get into town for work extra early on a Monday morning? The X34 and 34 buses are there for your convenience, operating earlier and later than many other public transport services.

Ticket prices and information 

We have some great value daily, weekly and longer term tickets to use on the X34 and 34 services.

Use our "plan a journey" to see the tickets available for your trip.