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1/N1 night buses - Liverpool to Chester

We are running night buses on  Stagecoach gold service 1  every Friday and Saturday.

The bus number will change from 1 to number N1 between midnight and 1am but the  route will not change.  Bus 1 and N1 will follow the same route.  Please look out for both numbers when you are waiting at your bus stop.

From 30th December 2016 service N1 will be renumbered to service 1.

The last bus to Chester from Liverpool Sir Thomas Street is 1.35am.

The last bus to Ellesmere Port Bus Station from Liverpool Sir Thomas Street is 3.05am.

The last bus to Liverpool Whitechapel from Chester Bus Exchange  is 1.35am.

The last bus to Birkenhead from Chester Bus Exchange is 3.05am. 

Here's the timetable valid until 29th December.

Here's the timetable valid from 30th  December. 

Great value tickets!

Stagecoach dayrider, weekly megarider and  Xtra tickets will be  available/accepted  for night time journeys on the  1/N1.  Single and return tickets are also available.  

Find the best value ticket for your  journey with  our  ticket finder.
*Please note, these services are running as a trial as part of the Liverpool City Region Bus Alliance and will be reviewed in  December 2016*