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StagecoachSmart – a new way of buying your bus tickets in Merseyside and Cheshire

StagecoachSmart is a reusable, electronic card that stores your megarider tickets to use on the bus. You’ll receive your smart card in the mail after your first online purchase.

All you have to do is get on the bus and place your card on the reader (next to the driver) and off you go! You’ll need to carry your smart card with you at all times when travelling on the bus. 

Once you have a smart card you should keep it.  When your ticket runs out, simply reload your card with a new megarider ticket. 

You can buy 1 week adult megarider plus+ and adult Chester megarider tickets off your bus driver when you hand back your existing smart card.  

You can even visit our tickets  page and top up your StagecoachSmart card in advance.

Travel gets cheaper when you buy tickets online

You can top up your StagecoachSmart card with a discounted  adult 4 week megarider plus+ or  adult 4 week Chester megarider online.  You can even arrange monthly Megarider Xtra   payments and you’ll receive a full month's travel for the 4 week price. 

megarider Xtra ensures your ticket never runs out.  You can arrange payments by direct debit or to be debited from your chosen card on the same date every month. Your ticket will be automatically added to your StagecoachSmart card.

Why you'll love your new smartcard

When you buy your StagecoachSmart card online, it will be registered to your account. This means that you can:

  • get added protection – if your card is lost or stolen we can cancel it as soon as you tell us
  • register multiple cards under one account – making it easier to buy cards for your family
  • get discounts on your tickets
  • use it again and again reducing paper use and helping the environment!

Use your StagecoachSmart megarider plus+ on  Arriva (QBN only)

You can use your StagecoachSmart megarider plus+ on Arriva services in the same way you would use your old paper ticket. 

However, you must activate your card on a Stagecoach bus by placing your card on the reader after you buy or top up your smart card online.

This will enable the card on Stagecoach and Arriva services in the Quality Bus Network

Help with your Smartcard

If you lose or damage  your smartcard or have any other questions, please visit our Help and Contact   section or call our helpline on 0345 810 1000.