New Fares 2019

New Fares Daventry

We have been reviewing the range of tickets we sell and looking at ways of simplifying the huge array of products we currently offer and harmonising the levels people pay for their travel across the different Northamptonshire locations.

From the 14th April 2019 the following changes will come into effect. 

Young people

  • Child single, return & day tickets are replaced with a Young Person’s single, return and day ticket.
    • Available for those aged under 19
    • All young person’s tickets will provide a 25% discount off the adult price (subject to rounding’s)
    • Young person’s dayriders will be available on the app

  • In mid July a new Young Person 7 day & 28 day ticket range will be introduced which will offer customers under 19 a 25% discount off adult prices.
  • In September our Termrider product range will be replaced with a new Studyrider ticket. This will give unlimited travel within the zone purchased (e.g. Corby megarider zone), for the whole term (including weekends & half term holidays). Prices will be announced before the start of the new academic year



  • Singles will go up 10p 
  • Returns will go up 20p
  • Group tickets will continue to allow 2 adults and 3 children or 3 adults to travel but will be priced at the cost of 2 adults


Zone changes

  • Daventry area tickets which were only regularly used by approximately 20 people have been discontinued. Through returns will be introduced on certain routes.
  • Megarider Platinum is discontinued and passengers can now purchase a megarider Gold to travel to Peterborough, Milton Keynes, Leicester & Bedford (route 50)
  • Due to the very low volume of sales the Concessionary dayrider Gold is discontinued. Passengers are advised to either travel for free on their concessionary pass after the appropriate time restriction or purchase the standard dayrider Gold


Dayrider prices 

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  Adult  Young Person  Group 
Rugby dayrider +
£8.20 £6.20  £16.40 
Gold dayrider £9.60  £7.20  £19.20 



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   Adult    Young Person*
  7 day 28 day    7 day  28 day 
 Rugby megarider + £23.50 £89.00    £17.60  £66.80 
 Gold megarider £29.00 £110.00   £21.80  £82.50 


*Note young person 7 day & 28 day will be introduced in mid July