Northamptonshire termrider – cheaper travel for students

Are you aged between 11 and 19 and at school or college in Northamptonshire? Choose from our range of Stagecoach Northamptonshire termrider tickets.  

Why you’ll love our termrider tickets 

You can buy any termrider ticket for either one term or all three terms. All of our termrider tickets allow you to travel:

  • anywhere in Northamptonshire on Stagecoach buses
  • on weekdays when your school or college is open – until 21:00
You can also choose:

  • to travel in the evenings, on weekends and holidays (excluding summer) with our Plus tickets
  • extended travel into and out of Northamptonshire with our Counties tickets

What termrider tickets you can buy

Simply choose when and where you want to travel, to find the termrider ticket that suits your needs.

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termrider Plus

termrider Counties

termrider Counties Plus


Travel after 21:00






Holidays (excluding summer)



Travel anywhere in Northamptonshire on Stagecoach buses*

Travel into and out of Northamptonshire on Stagecoach buses**



* Not valid on route 80.

**Route 41 – only between Northamptonshire and Denton. Not valid on route 80. Connections only valid in Northamptonshire.

Who can buy a Northamptonshire termrider ticket 

Anyone between 11 and 19 attending school or college in Northamptonshire can buy and use a termrider ticket. You may be asked by the driver for proof of age ID.

Your termrider ticket can only be used by you – it’s not transferrable. 


How to buy your termrider 

You can buy your termrider ticket: 

  • online by phone
  • call us on 01604 676 060 (08:00-17:00, Monday-Friday) 
  • in our travel shop in North Gate bus station
  • fill in the application form, pay for the pass and take it away with you (you’ll need to bring a passport-sized photo)