Off Peak

Off Peak Travel

From the 25th February jump on a Stagecoach bus in and around Leamington & Warwick, between 9am and 3 pm and get great value travel, with up to a THIRD off a day ticket

You can even travel up to 9pm on the day of purchase.


Normally you would pay £5.50 for a Leamington & Warwick dayrider but with our new 'off peak' ticket you'll only pay £3.50. That allows you to travel anywhere in the Leamington and Warwick megarider zone (click here for map).


If you're travelling further a-field you can buy a Leamington and Warwick dayrider Plus which includes Kenilworth, Wellesbourne, Southam & Harbury (click here for map). Normally £8.80, but only £5 off peak. Not valid on the U1/U2/U12 outside the megarider zone (between Blackdown and the University of Warwick)


This great value offer is valid until 26th August 2018




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   dayrider dayrider Plus 
  peak off peak* peak off peak* 
Adult   £5.50 £3.50  £8.80  £5.00
Child**  £3.70 £2.40  £5.90  £3.40 
Group***  £10.90  £7.00  £17.40  £10.00 


*    Buy between 9am to 3pm, travel upto 9pm

**   under 16

*** 2 adults and 3 children OR 3 adults


Where to buy it:

You can buy an off peak, day ticket from the driver or in our Leamington travel shop (Regent Street)