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Born ready, you have everything under control.

Possessing both beauty and strength. Looking after your pride like a lion from the Sahara......

It’s easy to make sure you’re prepared before you leave home. Plan your journey, create a personal timetable, check bus fares and buy your ticket online... all at


The Organiser’s guide to bus travel 

You don’t need us to tell you that you can plan your journey and buy tickets online at – you are already on it. You’ve probably already saved your favourite journeys too so you’re never on the last minute. Not that you ever are.

While you’re on the bus, keep up with your emails thanks to free wifi on many buses and never worry if you’re on the go all day thanks to USB ports on  our brand new buses, so you won’t get stuck at 5% on the way to a meeting.

You’ve got everything perfectly planned, and so have we.

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