Catch the bus week

Your journey. Your time. How will you use yours?

Stagecoach Bus is joining forces with Greener Journeys and other local bus providers to launch a major drive to get the public out of cars and onto the bus.

The initiative, which will run for a week from 3rd July, will see leading bus companies across the country encouraging their local communities to ditch their cars in favour of a greener mode of transport; their local bus network. 

The average bus commuter spends 6 hours on the bus every week.  Give the bus a try and see what you could achieve on board...catch the bus week

You could read 52 books in one year

You could learn French in half a year

You could knit 28 scarves a year

You could read 8,550 newspaper articles a year

You could watch every episode of Games of Thrones,  Mad Men 
and  Breaking Bad in a year

You could have 12 Facetime catch-ups a week using the  free Wifi
 on board

Or, like a third of commuters,  listen to other people's conversations

Why not try the bus this Catch the Bus Week? 

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