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megarider - get unlimited travel in your area

Our megarider bus ticket gives you unlimited travel on Stagecoach buses in a chosen area.  

You can also choose more than one zone to travel in, as well as how long you want your ticket for. It’s great value for money!

Why you’ll love your megarider ticket 

With a megarider ticket, you’ll enjoy:

  • unlimited travel on Stagecoach buses, excluding night buses and certain school buses
  • unlimited travel on Stagecoach trams where available
  • saving money — compared to buying individual tickets
  • saving time — as you pay once
  • flexibility — choose from weekly, four week or longer tickets


Different types of megarider tickets

All our megarider tickets give you unlimited travel on our bus services, not including night buses and certain school buses.

Just choose how far you need to travel and how you’d like to pay:

  • megarider — valid in one defined travel zone
  • megarider Plus — valid in more than one travel zone where available
  • megarider Gold — valid throughout our entire network where available
  • megarider Xtra — set up a monthly recurring payment and add your megarider ticket to your StagecoachSmart card 


How to buy a megarider ticket

There are lots of ways to buy a ticket. You can buy yours:

  • on the bus
  • online
  • from a travel agent


How much it costs and where you can travel 

Choose the megarider options on our Tickets page and we'll tell you how much it costs and where you can travel.