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Make our app the partner
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The Stagecoach Bus App

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Our mobile app has all you need in one place - bus tracking on our live map, journey planning, live bus information and mobile bus tickets.

Make sure you have the latest version of our app to take advantage of all the below features. If your apps don’t update automatically, all you need to do is go to your app store and update the Stagecoach Bus App to version  for android and 2.10.22 for iOS. 


Plan your journey

Plan your Journey 

Set your current location, choose your destination and select what time you want to travel. We'll let you know which buses you can catch and what times they run, as well as an estimated journey time. If you also select how many passengers are travelling we can even tell you what tickets you'll need. 


Save your favourites

Save your favourites 

Add your home and work locations to give your journey planning a head start. You can also save your most used services and bus stops. You can add items to your favourites from the live map or plan a journey screens - just tap the star icon to add them.




Track your bus

Track your journeys on our live bus map 

Check our live map to find services close by. Tapping on a service will show you the route and stop times. You can use this feature when you're on the bus to check your expected arrival time and when your stop is coming up.



Send to another person

Send a ticket to another person

If you’re in charge of paying for someone’s school or university travel, or just fancy treating friends and family to a trip out, you can now purchase a ticket and send it to any other registered Stagecoach Bus App user.*

  1. Head to ‘My Tickets’ and find the ticket you want to gift
  2. Tap 'Send to another person' and follow the instructions
  3. You'll need to enter the email address of the person you want to send the ticket to, so make sure they have a Stagecoach Bus account. 
  4. The ticket will be ready and waiting next time they access ‘My Tickets’.
Buy your bus tickets


Track space checker

Check for a quieter bus

A simple coloured traffic light indicator on the buses in our live map view shows how busy your bus service could be. This indicator should be used as a guide and is based on estimated number of passengers for the time of day.

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Transfer to another device

Transfer tickets to another device 

If you’re upgrading to a fancy new model or have an unfortunate habit of ‘misplacing’ things, just follow a few simple steps and you'll be able to move your ticket to another device.

  1. On the new device, download and log in to the Stagecoach Bus App using your existing account details 
  2. Head to 'My Tickets' and locate your ticket in the 'Active on other device' area 
  3. Tap 'Move to this device' and follow the instructions 
  4. Locate your ticket in 'Tickets to use' and hit 'Resume activation'

Your ticket will now be active on your new phone and you can use it as normal until the end of its original expiry date and time.

Buy your tickets before you travel and access all your purchased tickets 

On our app you can buy a number of tickets including daily and weekly tickets. Select the one you need and what passenger type you are (if it applies) and then add to your basket. You can buy up to 10 mobile day tickets and 3 mobile weekly tickets for use at any time in the next 3 months. Your tickets will stay on our secure server, you’ll need to have internet access to use your ticket. But don’t worry if you don’t have any data, you can activate and view your ticket using any Wi-Fi connection before you head to the bus stop.


Already downloaded our app and need help finding your way around?

Visit our app help section to find out how to use all the great features of our app and to browse through our frequently asked questions.

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