Newcastle 22

Service 22 to Silverlink and Cobalt Business Park

Route 22 from Newcastle has been extended from Wallsend to Silverlink and Cobalt, so we now connect you with the premier business and shopping parks in North Tyneside.

Keeping you moving all day, every day

The new, improved 22 bus service runs as far as Silverlink 7 days a week...

  • every 10 minutes – Monday to Saturday daytimes
  • every 20 minutes – evenings and Sundays
  • direct services (22X) in morning and evening peaks between city centre and Cobalt
  • buses until after 23:00 as far as Silverlink
  • two late buses from Cobalt at 21:20 and 22:19 (Mon to Sat)

Download the new 22 bus timetable now.

You can see the new route on our 22 bus map and see the full network of buses on our Newcastle bus map