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Proposed Changes in Sunderland

We're thinking about making some changes to routes 4, 5, 8 & 18/19 in Sunderland... but we want to hear from you first.

Join us at  Sunderland City Library and Arts Centre on Tuesday 15th and Thursday 17th November 2016 to hear from members of our team and to give us your feedback in person!

A summary of the proposed changes can also be found below and your feedback will help to inform our decision.
Please get in touch by Thursday 24th November 2016.

Service 18/19

These services would be revised to operate hourly only, running as service 18 in both directions.  The following changes would also be introduced:

  • Service 18 would be diverted at Chester Road rather than Springwell.
  • The altered service would also be diverted via Durham Road in lieu of Thorney Close.
  • A section of the route between Grangetown and City Centre would be removed and a small section of route added in Grangetown, along Queen Alexandra Road.
  • Service 18 would operate from City Centre via Roker Baths Road, Seaburn Morrisons (off peak only), Southwick, Queen Alexandra Road, then in a clockwise loop via Helvellyn Road, Asda, Grangetown, Queen Alexandra Road.
  • If these changes are cause for concern. please be assured that alternative links between Grangetown and City Centre would continue to be provided by routes 10 and 11.

These journeys would also incur changes to timetables to accommodate increasing traffic delays in the Seaburn area, which would be confirmed following your initial feedback.

Please see map below  for further details  or  ask us a question!
Route 18/19

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Service 4

If the proposals go ahead, the following changes would come into effect on route 4.

  • The service would no longer operate to Town End Farm and would instead terminate at Downhill but don't worry, services 12 & 13 would continue to travel between Southwick and City Centre.
  • Service 4 would be diverted via Durham Road in lieu of Farringdon.
  • In south Sunderland, buses would be revised to once again operate via East Herrington (serving southern section of Durham Road and Silksworth Road). In this instance, passengers wishing to travel via Farringdon
    would continue to benefit from routes 3 and 13 (up to every 10 minutes combined).

Please see map below  for further details  or  ask us a question!

Route 4
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Services 5 and 8

Service 5

If the proposed changes came into effect, service 5 would be removed and the section through High Barnes would become route 8.

  • The section of route between Springwell Road and East Herrington/ Farringdon would be withdrawn.
  • The service 5 would be withdrawn but alternative facilities in High Barnes would continue to be provided by the revised route 8.

Service 8

Service 8 would be diverted via High Barnes in lieu of Hylton Road.

As a result of the changes listed above, service 8 would be subject to a revised timetable and some changes to the route.

From Round Robin, buses would be diverted to operate via High Barnes and Chester Road in lieu of Hylton Road, but service 20 would continue to provide a frequent service along Hylton Road.

The main daytime frequency of Service 8 would remain unchanged, operating every 30 minutes.

Please see map below  for further details  or  ask us a question!
Route 5/8

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NEW Service X24 - Sunderland to Newcastle

As part of these proposed changes, we're thinking about introducing an inter-urban express route between Sunderland and Newcastle!

Buses would operate from Sunderland City Centre along Chester Road and then direct to Newcastle City Centre.

Service X24 would operate up to every 30 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes. The route in Sunderland City Centre would operate clockwise from Chester Road via St.Michael's Way, St.Mary's Way, John Street, Holmeside, Green Terrace and Chester Road. The timetable details are currently undergoing refinement and will be subject to the feedback we receive from you.

Please see map below  for further details or ask us a question!

X24 Sunderland Newcastle