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Great North Run buses

Are you planning to join or watch The Great North Run on 11 Sept 2016? 

Get to the event quickly with Stagecoach’s Great North Run buses. The 553 bus services run every few minutes between the start and finish line. The 552 service runs between the finish line and South Shields Ferry or Metro. 

Buses between South Shields and Newcastle 

The start of the race is in Newcastle City Centre and the finish line is in South Shields. Travel between the two on Service 553.

Buses run between South Shields and Newcastle every few minutes from around 07:00 until 17:00. Before 08:15, there's also a frequent Service 553 from Frenchman's Bay. 

  • Bus route between South Shields and Newcastle:
    • New Crown, Bents Park Road (near finish line)
    • Chichester
    • Tyne Dock
    • Newcastle - St Mary's Place (for start line and Haymarket)
    • Newcastle - Percy Street (for Eldon Square)
    • Newcastle - Bewick Street (for Central Station)
    Buses follow the route in reverse order when returning to South Shields.
  • Bus route from Frenchman’s Bay and Newcastle:
    • Frenchman’s Bay, (near The Bamburgh)
    • Tyne Dock 
    • Newcastle, St.Mary’s Place (for start line and Haymarket)
    • Newcastle - Percy Street (for Eldon Square)
    • Newcastle - Bewick Street (for Central Station)
  • In Newcastle City Centre, Service 553 joins up to local and regional transport hubs at:
    • Haymarket Bus Station
    • Eldon Square Bus Station
    • Central Station – National Rail

    Download the 553 service timetable .

Shuttle bus between South Shields Ferry,the Metro and finish line  

Watch the runners cross the finish line and get back home after the race. 

Service 552 links Bents Park Road, close to the finish line, with the South Shields Metro station and South Shields Ferry. Catch the bus from around 09:00 until 16:30.

The 552 bus route: 

  • New Crown, Bents Park Road (near finish line)
  • South Shields Town Centre (Metro station)
  • South Shields Ferry

In the other direction, buses travel direct from the ferry terminal to the finish line.

Download the 552 service timetable .

Anticipated road closures 

Every year, there are road closures brought on by the Great North Run and Junior Great North Run. This will cause revisions to bus timetables in the Newcastle and Gateshead area, which we'll publish as soon as we know the details. For the very latest information, take a look at our service updates  or follow us on Twitter @stagecoachNE .

What your ticket will cost 

You can either buy a single ticket or a dayrider ticket. A dayrider ticket will give you unlimited travel for the day on our buses in Tyne and Wear.

Single ticket prices

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Single ticket price

552 express bus service


553 express bus service


Tyne and Wear dayrider £3.95, gives unlimited travel on Stagecoach buses including special Great North Run services.

dayrider ticket prices 

Choose the dayrider option on our Tickets page and we'll tell you more about where you can travel.