Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project – a greener future


Stagecoach North Scotland is proud to be a partner in the Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project.

Our six hydrogen buses currently operate on the X17 route between Aberdeen city centre and Westhill. The buses have zero carbon emissions, making the Stagecoach fleet even greener.

What’s happened so far

The first of the hydrogen buses have now been introduced to route X17 in Aberdeen. 

The Stagecoach depot and workshop in Tullos, Aberdeen has been specially adapted. This allows all maintenance and repair work of the new hydrogen buses to be carried out on-site. 

How the project is funded

In order to take the technology to a global scale, a public and private sector partnership has been formed. 

A significant portion of the funding comes from private sector investment, UK Government and European funding bodies. The public sector funding demonstrates political support for a low carbon future. 

About hydrogen

Hydrogen is the most basic and common element on Earth. It’s been used as an industrial gas for over a hundred years. It’s lighter than air and if released into the atmosphere, rises and evaporates quickly.

The hydrogen used for the project is produced from electrolysis – by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. 

The energy used to power this process, will initially be provided from renewable sources  via the National Grid. The ultimate aim of the project is to link the process directly to a wind turbine in the region. 

Using renewable energy means that hydrogen can provide a zero emission fuel, which produces water vapour, instead of CO2 and other harmful emissions.