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All New JET 727

Stagecoach North Scotland are proud to introduce you to your brand new fleet of JET 727 Enviro 400 double deckers. The all new vehicles have replaced the single decker buses that have been operating on the JET 727 Aberdeen Union Square - Aberdeen Airport route since 2010. 

The Enviro 400 is a premium vehicle upgrade. Passengers will be welcomed by the light, airy and welcoming interior,  enhanced by large windows to soak up the city views. Every interior detail has been meticulously designed in strive of a ‘rattle proof bus’ to ensure your journey remains smooth and relaxing.  An upgraded heating and ventilation system will ensure passengers remain comfortable throughout all seasons.

Whats new?

  • Extra seating - No compromise on legroom or seat size
  • Optimised temperature control - to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Reduced rattling - to ensure you have a smoother and comfier journey 
  • Leather seats - for your optimum comfort
  • Free Wi-Fi - to enhance our your connectivity throughout their journey
  • USB charging points - so you can use and charge your  electrical devices 
  • Spacious luggage racks - for secure and safe storage wherever you are travelling

All new JET 727

There will be no change to the service, frequency or fares on the JET 727. You can still grab an Aberdeen zone 1 dayrider for only £3 or a 7 day megarider for £10

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