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Elgin Network

Elgin Ticket ZonesIf you are a frequent traveller within the Elgin area, you will be pleased to hear that we have improved the entire network and introduced a brand new zone to make bus travel within the city even cheaper. 

The all new ‘Elgin City’ zone will cover all bus travel within the city itself. Travel to Lossiemouth, Lhanbryde, Alves, Burghead and Hopeman will be in the ‘Elgin City Plus’ zone. If you are only travelling in the city, you can see just how much money you can save with our new Elgin City dayrider ticket.

Elgin Network Fares

Elgin Network Map

Remember you can use the 'bus stops nearby' and 'live bus arrivals' sections of our website to find out exactly when your bus will arrive at your stop!

Should you have any questions regarding the improvements in the Elgin Network, remember you can tweet us @StagecoachNScot or email us at

  • The boundaries of the current Elgin City zone are being reduced which means we can offer travel within this zone for less.
  • If you currently use the Elgin City zone to travel outwith Elgin city itself, don’t worry - your fare will remain the same. The zone has simply been renamed ‘Elgin City Plus’.

Elgin_New Timetables

As well as the route revisions, timetables in the Elgin area will be changing as of 24th October:

View Service 10 timetable

View Service 11 timetable

View Elgin City Guide timetable

View Service 35 timetable


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