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Free P&J access!

We have partnered with the Press and Journal to give our passengers FREE access to the P&J website when you use our Wi-Fi.

Our free Wi-Fi service just got even better! Simply sign into our Wi-Fi when travelling on one of our buses to gain  FULL access for one month to the P&J!  Let us worry about getting there while you just sit back and relax with the P&J.

All you will need is a Wi-Fi enabled device.

To get started:

  1. Select 'Stagecoach' from the list of Wi-Fi networks available on your device
  2. Launch your web browser (e.g Internet Explorer)
  3. A log-in page will appear
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect

Free wi-fi is available on;  Buchan Xpress,  Jet,  Route 10,  Inverurie Connect,  Service 35,  Coastrider and  Service X17 and   59.



We’ll always try our best to ensure our Wi-Fi service signal is available. At busy times of the day, you may experience a slower connection.

If you experience any problems connecting to Wi-Fi on our buses, please   contact your nearest Stagecoach office.

Make sure you let us know the bus number you are on, the date and the time. We’ll check the bus as soon as it arrives back in our depot.