Stagecoach Gold

Go for gold in Oxfordshire

Stagecoach Gold - luxury at no extra cost

Stagecoach Gold is a luxury bus service available at no extra cost. 

Established for our longer commuter journeys from Oxfordshire towns and villages into the city centre, our blue and gold buses have leather seats, extra legroom, friendly and welcoming drivers, free Wi-Fi and contactless payment available.

All Gold services run with regular frequencies across the day to provide an excellent alternative to the car. Stagecoach Gold services offer a wide range of value for money tickets with the Stagecoach megarider tickets.


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 Our Gold services

Service Route details    Timetable

- S1 runs from Carterton to Oxford via   Witney, Eynsham and through Botley.

- S2 runs from Carterton to Oxford via   Witney,    the A40 and along Woodstock Road.

S1 timetable

S2 timetable


- S3 runs from Chipping Norton/ Charlbury to Oxford via Woodstock and Yarnton


- 7 runs from Woodstock to Oxford via Kidlington and Oxford Parkway

S3 timetable

7 timetable


- runs from Banbury to Oxford via Deddington and Kidlington

S4 timetable

  - runs from Bicester to Oxford via Gosford and Summertown

S5 timetable
 S8   - runs from Wantage to Oxford via Grove and Abingdon
S8 timetable

- runs from Wantage to Oxford via Grove and Cumnor

S9 timetable
- runs from Banbury to Oxford via Deddington and Kidlington
- runs from Banbury to Oxford via Deddington and Kidlington