Folkestone bus route and timetable changes

Folkestone bus route and timetable changes from 3 June

From Sunday 3 June there’ll be changes to many bus routes and timetables in the Folkestone area. There’ll also be changes to some routes that serve the town from outlying areas.

There hasn’t been a full review of services in and around Folkestone for many years. Whilst there’s been growth in bus use on some routes, others carry fewer passengers at certain times.

Traffic congestion continues to have an impact on our services too. We recognise that you want your bus to run at the advertised time, so we need to make sure our timetables are achievable.

This means that adjustments to the network are required so that we can continue to offer a sustainable bus service for the long term.

The vast majority of places currently served by our buses will continue to be, however there will be some changes to route numbers and the frequency of buses on some routes.

So, what’s happening to my bus route and why are you changing it?

10, 10A – Folkestone/Ashford

A revised timetable will apply. Most parts of the route will continue to be served, but we’re separating the 10/10A and 10X so that buses won’t run through to Maidstone. You’ll need to change bus in Ashford town centre if you want to continue your journey towards Maidstone. This will help improve the reliability of these services because delays caused by traffic congestion in and around Maidstone will no longer impact on journeys running through to Folkestone. 

There’ll be an improved Sunday and Bank Holiday service running every two hours which will also serve Port Lympne.

Route 10 and 10A buses will run separate routes in and out of Folkestone. Peak time route 10A will operate as it does now directly via Sandgate. Most buses will be route 10 and will serve Shorncliffe Road and the Golden Valley (replacing routes 77 and 78) and run via Cheriton Tesco and Horn Street (replacing route 160) to Seabrook.

Folkestone network map from 3 June 2018

View the new route 10/10A timetable here

16 – Hythe/Folkestone/Hawkinge/Canterbury

A golden opportunity!

We’re changing the timetable and extending the route beyond Hythe to the Martello Lakes development at Palmarsh. The frequency of buses will be changed to every 20 minutes throughout – including the section between Hythe and Folkestone. This will allow sufficient time for the buses to include Palmarsh in the route.

There will also be a change to the route the buses use in Hawkinge. All Gold 16 buses will run along Heron Forstal Avenue and Haven Drive (no longer serving Tesco and the Primary School). If you normally board the bus at Tesco (for Canterbury) your nearest bus stop will be on Aerodrome Road (just up from the Estate Agents). If you board the bus at the Primary School (for Folkestone) you’ll need to catch the bus from Aerodrome Road at the stop on the opposite side to the Estate Agents.

View the new Gold route 16 timetable here

17 – Folkestone/Elham Valley/Canterbury

There will be some minor timetable changes on weekdays to help improve timekeeping and the service will be enhanced on Sundays and Bank Holidays to run every 90 minutes (from every two hours). These extra Sunday and Bank Holiday journeys will be operated commercially without public funding and are therefore available for an open-ended trial period. So, if you need to travel, please make use of them.

View the new route 17 timetable here

19 – Hawkinge/Folkestone/Hythe/Saltwood

There’ll be some changes to bus times to help improve punctuality.

View the new route 19 timetable here

71 – Cheriton/Folkestone/Creteway Down/East Cliff

This route will be extended in east Folkestone to serve Stanbury Crescent and Hollands Avenue (replacing route 72). The frequency will be adjusted to every 20 minutes.

View the new route 71 timetable here

72 – Cheriton/Folkestone/East Cliff

This route will no longer operate but will be replaced in east Folkestone by route 71 in Stanbury Crescent and Hollands Avenue and by route 91 in Foreland Avenue and Wear Bay Crescent. In Cheriton the Sunday service will be replaced by route 73 – see below.

73 – Hawkinge/Folkestone/Cheriton

The frequency of buses on this route will increase to every 20 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays.  There will be a new Sunday and Bank Holiday service on this route operating every 30 minutes during the day. In Hawkinge buses will serve Canterbury Road (Tesco), Millfield and then Aerodrome Road, The Battle of Britain Museum and Haven Drive. We expect route 73 buses will also serve Page Road and Pannell Drive subject to the installation of new bus stops by KCC.

In Cheriton all route 73 buses will run clockwise from Risborough Lane via Church Road, Tesco, Weymouth Road, Shaftesbury Avenue and Ashley Avenue.

View the new route 73 timetable here

View a summary of all buses between Cheriton and Folkestone town centre here

77, 78 – Folkestone

These routes will be replaced by route 10 (see above) which will offer a new service connecting Shorncliffe Road, the Golden Valley, Oxenden Road and Royal Military Avenue with Folkestone town centre in one direction and  Cheriton Tesco in the other direction. This new service will operate every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday. One bus every hour will continue beyond Cheriton Tesco to Seabrook, Hythe and Ashford (William Harvey Hospital).

This new arrangement will provide a Sunday and Bank Holiday service connecting Shorncliffe Road, the Golden Valley, Oxenden Road and Royal Military Avenue with Folkestone town centre and Cheriton Tesco, Seabrook, Hythe and Ashford (William Harvey Hospital).

View the new route 10 timetable here

91 – Dover/Alkham/Folkestone

A revised timetable will apply. In Folkestone, route 91 buses will operate a new route serving Wear Bay Crescent, Foreland Avenue, Warren Road, Canterbury Road, Downs Road, Dolphins Road and Holywell Avenue. It will also be extended to serve Broadmead Village (see routes 72 and 127). 

View the new route 91 timetable here

100, 101, 102 – Dover/Folkestone/Hythe/New Romney/Lydd/Rye/Hastings

This service will be separated into two dedicated sections. Route 102 will provide the service between Dover, Folkestone, Hythe, New Romney and Greatstone with buses every 20 minutes. From Greatstone one bus every hour will continue to Lydd-on-Sea, Lydd, Camber and finish at Rye.

Routes 100 and 101 will operate between Rye and Hastings via Icklesham or Fairlight. Connections will be available at Rye Station between route 102 and 100/101 buses.

View the new route 102 timetable here

View the new route 100 timetable here

View the new route 101 timetable here

127 – Folkestone

This route will be replaced by route 91 (see above). No areas currently served by route 127 will be without a service. We're increasing the frequency of buses for Broadmead Village to every 30 minutes throughout the day. Holywell Avenue, Dolphins Road and Downs Road will be served by route 91.

160 – Folkestone/Cheriton/Seabrook

This route will be replaced by route 10 (see above). Between Folkestone and Cheriton Tesco it will operate via Shorncliff Road and The Golden Valley every 30 minutes Mondays to Saturdays and provide a Sunday and Bank Holiday service too. Between Hythe, Seabrook and Cheriton Tesco route 10 will operate hourly throughout the day (Monday to Saturday) and every two hours on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Route 10 buses will also provide a link to Ashford (William Harvey Hospital).

There’ll be a golden opportunity if you live in Palmarsh. Gold route 16 will be extended to serve Martello Lakes every 20 minutes and one bus every hour will call in to Grebe Crescent (see above for a link to the timetable).

976 – Folkestone Academy school-time route

The Wednesday only buses at 1440 will no longer run. The two buses at 1710 will be brought forward to depart at 1600 every day.

991 – school-time route

The 0751 journey from Swingfield will divert via the A20 and Capel-le-Ferne replacing a route 992 bus [see below].

992 – Greatstone/Dover school-time route

The duplicate bus that starts from Grove Road, Folkestone at 0800 will be replaced by a 991 bus [see above]. The 1535 bus from Tower Hamlets will be replaced by a diverted route 102 bus.

994 – West Hythe/Folkestone school-time route

This bus will be renumbered route 16A with extra time added to improve reliability. The afternoon journey will be diverted from Newingreen to serve Stanford first then via Sellindge to terminate at Newingreen. 

From the same date there'll also be changes to buses in the Dover area. Find out more here

If you have any questions or are unsure about how these changes will affect you, then let us know. You can Tweet us @StagecoachSE, or send us an email at using the subject header Folkestone timetable changes.