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Kent Scholar's PLUS ticket

Does your child have an entitled scholar's free travel pass from Kent County Council?

You can extend your scholar's pass to get unlimited travel in Kent, by buying a Stagecoach  Scholar's PLUS ticket.

What is a Scholar's PLUS ticket?

If your child is entitled to free travel to and from school, they will be issued with a free bus pass from Kent County Council.
This pass (known as an Entitled  Scholar's Pass), allows free travel for one journey, to and from school.

You can extend your child’s free pass to get unlimited travel by buying a Stagecoach Scholars PLUS ticket. It offers unlimited
travel on all Stagecoach buses in Kent.  It costs £100 for the year.

Your child must show their free pass when they use their Scholars PLUS ticket.

How to buy and collect a Scholar's PLUS ticket 

To buy a Scholars PLUS ticket, please call Customer Services on 
03456 00 22 99.  Our switchboard is open from 07:30 to 18:00, Monday to Saturday.

Your PLUS ticket will be sent to your child’s school for collection.  

If you order your ticket after 14 July 2017, we cannot guarantee it will be ready to collect on the first day of term.

If you order  your ticket  after school starts, please allow up to ten working days  for your ticket to be delivered to your child’s school.