summer unirider

Summer UniRider

What is UniRider? 

UniRider is a low-cost bus ticket available only to University of Kent students. It is valid on Unibus and all other Stagecoach buses in Kent and East Sussex all day and night - no need to budget for travel! 


How much is a summer UniRider? 

A summer UniRider costs just £86.50 and is valid for the whole summer (19 June - 18 September 2022). That’s just 94p per day! 


Where can I get one?

Buy your Summer UniRider NOW


To complete your purchase you’ll need to login to your Stagecoach account or create an account on our website. UniRider comes on a StagecoachSmart card. If you already have a card, we'll get you to confirm which StagecoachSmart card the ticket should be added to when you're checking out. If not, you can request a new StagecoachSmart card. (Please allow up to 7 days for delivery). Remember – if you already have a UniRider, don’t throw away the card! You can add your summer UniRider ticket to it. 



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