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It's no longer a legal requirement to wear a face covering on public transport in England, Scotland or Wales. We do encourage you to wear a face covering in crowded spaces, if you can

For the latest travelling safely information for England, Wales and Scotland, see our Coronavirus page


Flexi5 - Save 20% on your bus travel 

We know plans can change and sometimes we all need a bit more flexibility. That's why our new Flexi5 tickets are perfect!

You get 5 DayRiders for the price of 4, a fantastic 20% saving and you can use them anytime in 12 months!


Where to buy the Flexi5

Tickets are easy and quick to buy on the Stagecoach Bus App. You can pay with a bank card, PayPal, Apple or Google Pay.

Just search for your local area and find the Flexi5 ticket in the 'Flexible' section on the app.

Once your payment is complete, you will have 5 unactivated day tickets in the My Tickets section of your app. 

Activate a ticket when you're ready to travel. You'll have twelve months from the day of purchase to use the rest of your tickets.


How much do Flexi5 tickets cost?

Flexi5 tickets are 5 day tickets for the price of 4, a 20% saving when you compare it to our usual dayrider prices. They are available for adults, children and young people. 

Flexi5 ticket on phone

If you're 16-21, you'll get an even better discount with a mytravelpass card. For ticket prices for our Under 22 range please visit the Stagecoach App. 

The various ticket options are below: 

Flexi5 ticket on phone
Flexi5 ticket on phone
Flexi5 ticket on phone

Flexi5 Aberdare - £22 (£4.40 per day) 

Flexi5 Blaenau Gwent - £28 (£5.60 per day) 

Flexi5 Bridgend - £17.60 (£3.52 per day) 

Flexi5 Caerphilly - £17.60 (£3.52 per day) 

Flexi5 Caerphilly/Cardiff - £22 (£4.40 per day) 

Flexi5 Cardiff - £14.80 (£2.96 per day)

Flexi5 Cardiff Plus - £28.40 (£5.68 per day) 

Flexi5 Cwmbran- £18 (£3.60 per day) 

Flexi5 Cwmbran/Newport - £22 (£4.40 per day) 




Flexi5 Islwyn  - £25.60 (£5.12  per day)

Flexi5 Merthyr - £16 (£3.20 per day)

Flexi5 Merthyr Plus - £22 (£4.40 per day)

Flexi5 Newport - £15.60 (£3.12 per day)

Flexi5 Pontypool - £18.40 (£3.68 per day) 

Flexi5 Pontypridd/Cardiff - £22 (£4.40 per day) 

Flexi5 Rhondda  - £28 (£5.60  per day)

Flexi5 Torfaen - £25.60 (£5.12 per day)

Flexi5 Rhynmey & Tredegar - £28 (£5.60 per day)

Flexi5 South Wales- £34.80 (£6.96 per day)


You can buy your Flexi5 ticket on the Stagecoach Bus App.

The Stagecoach App also has all the journey planning information you need in one place - track your bus on our live map, search for your nearest stop and check whether your bus is busy or quiet.

Search for Stagecoach Bus on the Google Play or App Store, or click the buttons below. 



Can I buy a Flexi5 student ticket?

We offer discounted Flexi5 tickets for Under 22s. When you're purchasing your ticket, select 'Young person' for a further discount.


Can kids buy these tickets?

Yes, Flexi5 tickets are available for kids, you can see the full prices on our app


How do I use my Flexi5 ticket?

Once you've purchased your tickets, they will be ready to activate under your 'My Tickets' section in the Stagecoach Bus App. Activate a ticket when you are ready to travel and show it to the driver as you board the vehicle. You will have 12 months to use all remaining tickets.


Where can I use my Flexi5 ticket? 

We have Flexi5 tickets available within each of our travel zones. You can purchase either a local travel zone or a South Wales All Zones ticket, which can be used to travel across our whole network.


Can I buy a Flexi5 ticket on the bus? 

These tickets are only available to buy on the Stagecoach Bus App.