Paperless tickets

From 16 September 2018: adult, child and MyTravelPass one week tickets will no longer be available in the form of paper tickets issued on bus.

Tickets will be issued on bus via a reusable smart card which cost only £1. We hope that by reducing the number of paper tickets issued on bus will help reduce boarding times and improve punctuality of Stagecoach Wales services.

Passengers will be able to buy the tickets via the Stagecoach App using their smart phone.


StagecoachSmart – Register, Reload, Reuse 


Why you’ll love StagecoachSmart

StagecoachSmart is the quickest, easiest and safest way to buy and use Stagecoach bus tickets

StagecoachSmart is an electronic card that stores your tickets securely, and makes it simple for you to buy tickets online and on the bus.

You can load more than one ticket onto your card, or have multiple cards registered to your account so you can add and manage all your family’s cards.


It fits easily in your purse or wallet, so no more searching for your paper ticket!


Remember, you'll only need to pay for the card once, so register,re-load & re-use it!



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