Xtra Special Offer

What is Megarider Xtra?

  • Megarider Xtra allows you to pay for your bus travel using hassle-free automatic monthly payments. 
  • Payments are debited from your debit/credit card on the same date every month 
  • Your Xtra ticket is stored on your smartcard and will remain valid each month 


Why you’ll love Xtra 

  • Never worry about renewing your ticket again 
  • Xtra savings - making 12 payments over 12 months can give you up to a month's free travel when compared to the cost of buying 13 x 4-week tickets during the year
  • You get the same great benefits of our megarider ticket 
  • Minimum sign up is 1 month and there's no cancellation fee-  THIS IS NOT A JOKE!


What is the Xtra special offer?

Until March, our Cardiff, Newport, Pontypridd/Cardiff, Cwmbran/Newport, Caerphilly/Cardiff, Islwyn and South Wales All Zones Xtra tickets are all discounted!

You can travel for as little as 


Newport Zone Xtra - from £1.62   a day*

Cardiff Zone Xtra - from   £1.75    a day*

Pontypridd/Cardiff Zone Xtra - from £2.76   a day*

Cwmbran/Newport Zone Xtra - from £2.76   a day*

Islwyn Zone Xtra - from   £3.65  a day*

Caerphilly/Cardiff Zone Xtra - from   £3.65  a day*

South Wales All Zones Xtra - from   £3.69  a day*



If you buy a Rhondda megarider Zone Xtra ticket, you can now upgrade to the South Wales All Zones   megarider Xtra ticket   for only £1 extra a month* - this means you can travel as much as you like across our whole network at any time!


Buy your megarider Xtra ticket now! 

Get your   Smart Card  and   register today, limited time only! don't miss out 


Where can I travel in these zones?


Our Cardiff Zone Xtra covers all of the below!


Our Newport Zone Xtra covers all of the below!



TTG Newport



Our Pontypridd/Cardiff Zone Xtra covers all of the below!



Our Cwmbran/Newport Zone Xtra covers all of the below!





Our Caerphilly/Cardiff Zone Xtra covers all of the below!

SWLS-CaerphillyCardiffOur Islwyn Zone Xtra covers all of the below! 

SWLS-IslwynOur South Wales All Zones Xtra covers all of the below!


* Based on 12 Megarider tickets purchased over 1 year at promotional price, based on 5 days of travel a week